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Interfolio Glossary

A dictionary of Interfolio terms and definitions.

This is a auto-generated Article of all your definitions within the glossary.


This is a auto-generated Article of all your definitions within the glossary.

  • Academic Levels

    Academic Levels allow administrators to manage access to cases at individual case review steps based on unit hierarchy instead of by user roles.

  • Application Status

    Application statuses are applied to individual applicants to indicate where their application is within the search process; for instance, you might use "Rejected," "Longlist," or "Shortlist" as possible application statuses. (Faculty Search)

  • Approval Template

    Templates that establish a series of approval steps which will take place after a position has been created and before being published, or after a search committee has selected one or more applicants to fill a position. (Faculty Search)

  • Candidate Packet

    The collection of materials by which a candidate is being reviewed (documents and other files). The packet is divided into sections which can be worked on and submitted independently of one another. All materials submitted in the packet will be copied to the candidate's Dossier for record keeping.

  • Case Status

    Case statuses mark where cases are in the review process and mark their ultimate outcomes. ( Review, Promotion & Tenure)

  • Committee Forms

    Committee Forms are forms made up of questions to be completed by members of a committee and can be assigned as a committee-facing requirement to a template or a case.

  • Dossier Deliver

    Dossier Deliver is a premium service that allows you to send up to 50 academic deliveries to non-Interfolio hosted positions for a flat annual fee.

  • Interfolio Dossier

    A tool for faculty or applicants to store and manage job, fellowship, and promotion or review documents in one place. A user's Dossier is private and portable, meaning it cannot be seen by the institution and it is theirs to keep even if they change employment.

  • Position Status

    Position statuses indicate where a position is within the search process. Some common position statuses are "Accepting Applications," and "Reviewing Applications." These statuses are useful for viewing or sorting a list of open positions.