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Use Guidelines in Dossier to Prepare for Future Reviews

For institutions that give access to Dossier, the institution may post guidelines in Dossier to assist in assembling materials for particular review processes, such as annual performance reviews, promotion reviews, and more. These guidelines can be searched for, saved, and referenced as a checklist when preparing for future reviews. When preparing for a review using the guidelines feature, collections of materials can be automatically assembled that meet the requirements of the review. When the time comes, the materials can easily be transferred and assembled in that collection over to the official review packet. This article explains how to start using guidelines to prepare for upcoming reviews.


Guidelines are only available to users for institution that subscribe to the feature.


Use Guidelines in Dossier

1. Navigate to Guidelines under Materials

Navigation: Dossier > Materials > Guidelines

  1. Click Materials within Dossier account.
    Materials selected on navigation menu
  2. Click the Guidelines button at the top of the page.
    My Materials section with Guidelines button selected

    The Guidelines button will only display if the feature is available at the institution. If it does not display, it is not available.


2. Manage Guidelines

  1. Select a unit from the dropdown.
  2. Search for guidelines within the selected unit.
  3. Click the Title to open a preview of the guideline or click Save to save the guideline.
    • If previewing the guideline, click Save Guideline to save the guideline.
      •  Saved guidelines will appear at the top of the Guidelines page, for quick reference

3. Create Collection

  1. Click Prepare for this review.
    Prepare for this review selected under saved guidelines section
  2. Entere a Collection Name.
  3. Click Continue when finished.
  4. Click View Instructions to the right of the page to view instructions for review candidates (if any) about assembling the review packet and any other procedures or policies at the institution.
    Guidelines window with View Instructions selected below
  5. Click Add Materials to add files to the collection.
  6. Select the materials to add using the checkboxes.
  7. Click Add when finished. 
  8. To add a tag, Click the Add icon (plus sign) adjacent to the desired document to add a tag to.
  9. Click Add New Tag from the dropdown.
    Add new tag selected under plus sign button adjacent to file
  10. Enter tag Name.

    It is suggested to tag the added materials with the name of the guideline requirement they satisfy.


4. Add materials from the guideline collection to the official review packet

  1. Click Your Packets from the navigation bar.
    Your Packets selected under the Home button
  2. Click the Name of the desired packet.
  3. Select the Packet tab.
    Packet tab selected
  4. Click the down arrow adjacent to the desired section.
  5. Click Add to add files.
  6. Select the Collections tab and select the desired collection created according to the guidelines.Collections tab selected with search dropdown available
  7. Select the material to add from the dropdown.
  8. Repeat this process as many times as needed.

Files can also be added from previous packets.