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View and Respond to Files Shared by a Committee (Rebuttal)

The committee reviewing a case may share files for the candidate to review. The committee may allow a response to the shared files in writing, and may set a date when the response is due. The most common scenario is when the committee has made a decision about a candidate and gives the candidate the opportunity to respond. However, there may be other circumstances when the committee or administrative personnel require the candidate to view materials from the case packet.


View and Respond to Files Shared by Committee

1. Navigate to the Interfolio account dashboard through the email

Navigation: Email > View Files > Account Dashboard

  1. Click View Files in the email. Whenever files are shared, the recipient will receive an email message prompting them to log into their account to view the files.
     View Files button within email
  2. Log into account.

Select the tabs below to view more information on different ways to view the shared files.

My Tasks

Click the Name of the files that have been shared under My Tasks.
Files have been shared with you link


Your Packets

  1. Click Your Packets on the navigation bar.
    Your Packets selected under the Home button
  2. Click the Name of the desired packet to view files within.
  3. Select the Shared Committee Files tab.
    Shared Committee Files tab selected
  4. Files shared  will appear listed. 
  5. Click Download to download materials.
  6. Click Copy to Dossier to copy to Dossier where it will appear in Dossier materials.

2. Send Response

  1. Click Send Response to respond to the file. This will only appear if permissions have been turned on. A due date will then appear.

    This is a hard deadline, meaning responses cannot be sent to shared files after the due date.

  2. Give response a Title and upload the document file.
    • The response will appear in the list of shared files.