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Email Committee Members, Share Case Materials and Request/Allow a Response

Unit Administrators, Case Managers, and Committee Managers can share packet materials and other documents with members of any committee involved in the workflow of a case, and with individual Interfolio Review, Promotion, & Tenure (RPT) users at an institution. Sharing case materials and documents is useful for sending committee recommendations to members of a committee assigned to previous steps in the workflow (rather than sending the case back or emailing outside of the system). Sharing with other RPT users also means that it is possible to send a portion of a case to a person who should not see the entire case. For example, specific documents can be sent to academic leaders, such as the provost, without making that person a Committee Member of one of the committees in the workflow of the case. Since all file sharing is recorded in the case Activity Log, there will always be a record of who, what, and when case materials were shared. Unit Administrators, Case Managers, and Committee Managers can send a message, with documents attached, to committees and RPT users, and can request that the recipient upload a file in response.


Privacy and Confidentiality

  • As with all activity in the system, the case Activity Log will record and document when files are shared.
  • Files that are shared can be downloaded, regardless of the download settings within the case.

Share Materials

1. Navigate to Case Name under Cases

Navigation: Cases > Name

  1. Click Cases under Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) on the navigation menu.
    Review, Promotion & Tenure section with Cases highlighted
  2. Click the Name of the desired case to edit.

2. Share Materials

  1. Select the checkboxes adjacent to the materials desired to be shared with Committee Members.
  2. Click the With Committee Members from the Share dropdown on the blue action bar at the top.
    Share dropdown with With Committee Members selected 

3. Fill out the form

  1. Choose who the files will be shared with. 

    Multiple committees and individuals can be specified as recipients.

  2. By default, the message goes to members of the current committee. To add another user, select User and search for one or more RPT users using the dropdown.
    Message to Committee section with User selected
    -  To send to a committee, click Committee and search for or select a committee from the list of committees or individuals in the workflow
  3. Enter a Subject and compose Message.
  4. Click Add under Share Files to add more files to the message.
    -  Click the “X” to remove shared files.

    No files will be directly attached to the email. Recipients will receive email notification that files have been shared and will need to log in to their account to view the shared files.

  5. Click Preview to preview how the message will appear to recipients.
  6. Click Enable under File Response on the right side of the page to allow users to respond to the file.
    Details section with Enable selected under File Response and Message Reason, Deadline, and Section for Response fields shown.
  7. Enter a Message Reason, Deadline, and Section for Response (identifies which internal case section the response will appear in on the Case page). This is a hard deadline and responses can not be submitted after this date.

4. Notification of Shared Files

When files are shared with a Committee Member or individual, the recipient will be notified by email and prompted to log in to their Interfolio account to view the shared files. It can be specified whether or not the committee member can submit a response to the shared files within the platform. 

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