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Add a Committee Form Requirement to a Template or Case

When creating or editing a template or case, Administrators can set a committee form requirement for a specific committee or individual at a specific workflow step.

Once added to a case, the committee form will appear in the "Required Items" section of the Case Details tab of the Case page. All required items must be completed before the case can advance to the next step.

Forms must be completed by the assigned user, however a Committee Manager or Administrator can select to omit the form as a requirement for a user, allowing the case to move forward.

Omitting/Enforcing requirements: When a case has a committee form required at a step, an administrator with access to that case can still bypass that requirement at any time. The required item can be omitted for a given committee member or reviewer in order to make sure that committee forms do not hold the case up. Likewise, the administrator can change this setting to enforce the for requirement. See more about this feature in the section of this article on managing respondents to a committee form in an RPT case.

Select #4 "Case Review Steps" while creating or editing a template or case

Committee forms are assigned as a requirement by editing the committee options during the process of creating or editing the Case Review Steps for a template or case. This is the 4th step of case or template creation, where you add case review steps.

Note: For templates, this step will appear in the Creating a Template box that appears at the right of the page. When building a case from a template, this box is labeled Creating a Case.


Select "Edit" on a case review step to access the options for the committees assigned to that step in the workflow

Assuming a case step has been created, and a committee and/or individual reviewer added to the step, committee forms are added by editing the options for the committee to which you want to assign the committee form.


Scroll down to the committee you want to answer the committee form


Select the "Required Forms" tab, then select "Add Required Form"


In the Add Committee Form window, select the form you want to require from the drop down list of available forms


Note: Only forms available to the unit will appear here. Remember that to set a committee form as a requirement, the form must have already been added in the Administration section of RPT.

Forms are added and created in the Administration section, and added as a requirement when editing the details of a committee at a case review step.


Set an internal section of the case page where responses to the form will appear

Responses to the form will appear on the case page in the section you indicate. Note that you can also add a new internal section for your form by selecting Add New Internal Section here.


Note: If you select "Committee Documents" as the section for displaying incoming form responses, the label"In Use"will appear next to the Committee Documents section at Step 3: Internal Case Sections when you are editing your template or building cases from the template as displayed below.

This indicates that the Committee Documents section is in use and cannot be removed from the template or case as long as form responses are set to display there.


Set response visibility

Select the response visibility option from the drop down menu. You can make the responses visible to Administrators only, Administrators & Committee Managers, or Administrators & Entire Committee.


Select who submits the form, and click "Add Form" when you have filled out all fields in the Add Committee Form dialog

Here you are setting who will be required to fill out and submit the form. You can indicate "Only Committee Manager(s)," or "All Committee Members."


Note: You must fill out all fields of the Add Committee Form dialog before you can click "Add Form."

Once set, the committee form should display as a required form in the case or template step summary as shown below.

Once added, the form requirement will appear in the list of "Required Items" on the Case Details tab of the assigned committee at the assigned step, and the indicated respondents will need to complete the form as part of their committee work.

The form requirement will be added to the number of required items indicated in the blue circle on the Case Details tab.