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Integrate ORCID

Our integration with ORCID allows users to update their data within Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR, Faculty180) from their ORCID record. The ORCID record focuses on faculty scholarship and consolidates scholarly works from many online sources. This makes the FAR–ORCID integration a powerful resource for many faculty loading their scholarship into FAR.


Note that the institution must take certain steps to turn on the ORCID integration in order for a user to connect their ORCID account. If you do not see the option to connect your ORCID account to your FAR account, reach out to your institution’s FAR administrator.


To get further assistance using the ORCID integration within Interfolio, contact or ORCID directly at their website for ORCID-specific questions.


Overview of ORCID


  • Interfolio is an ORCID Member Organization. ORCID is an open, not-for-profit organization that serves the research community by providing individuals with a user identifier, called an ORCID ID, that reliably and clearly connects them with their research contributions and affiliations.
  • In addition to research and scholarly works, an ORCID record can hold work experience, education, training, grants, and a biography. In FAR, access to the ORCID functionality, if it is turned on for the institution, is available in the Legacy Vita's menu.
  • In order to use this integration, a faculty member must generate a user ORCID ID by establishing an account/record in the ORCID system. Once an ORCID account is established, the faculty member gives FAR permission, via OAuth, to access the ORCID account directly, then the ORCID import and export functionality becomes available.


The following are pre-requisites to utilizing the ORCID API:

  • The Institution must be an ORCID member.
  • The faculty member must personally own an ORCID account. Go here to register.
  • The faculty member must allow access to their ORCID account. (This step initiates within FAR - see below).

If the institution wishes to utilize the ORCID integration, please email requesting that access to the ORCID API be turned on. Once the request is received, Interfolio will need to confirm the mapping of the ORCID profile data for the institution's customized database.



  • A non-mandatory Interfolio Suggested Mapping of scholarly contributions subtypes is offered. No action is required here.
  • The name of the scholarly subtype (such as Book) can be added. Action is potentially required here.
  • The section named For Reference Only gives an idea of how FAR and ORCID map at the field level. As can be seen, certain ORCID fields do not map to FAR and vice versa. No action is required here.

Manage FAR access to a faculty ORCID profile


Navigation: Vitas & Biosketches > Legacy Vitas > ORCID Registry

  1. Click Legacy Vitas under the Vitas & Biosketches section of the navigation menu in FAR.
    Vitas & Biosketches section with Legacy Vitas selected
  2. Click ORCID Registry under the Vita section.
  3. Click ORCID Registry if an ORCID account has not been created yet.
    Vita/Profile Systems section with ORCID Registry link on the left and Create or Connect your ORICID ID on the right
  4. Click Sign In/Register and enter faculty member information to sign into your ORCID account.
  5. Log in on the next screen to authorize the account. A message will display indicating Access successfully granted.
  6. After going back to FAR the following will occur:
    • The faculty member's ORCID iD displays in the View Profile column. 
    • Clicking the ORCID ID link takes the faculty member to their public ORCID profile. 
    • Clicking the ORCID Registry link will take the faculty member to the ORCID homepage.

Revoke access to FAR

Access will need to be revoked within both FAR and ORCID to prevent FAR from accessing the users' account. 


Navigation: Vitas & Biosketches > Legacy Vitas > Vita/Profile Systems > Check > Confirm

  1. Click Legacy Vitas under the Vitas & Biosketches section on the navigation bar in FAR.
    Vitas & Biosketches section with Legacy Vitas selected
  2. Under the Vita/Profile Systems heading, the entry for ORCID Registry will show the faculty member is signed in. 
  3. Click the checkmark adjacent to Signed in to revoke this access.
  4. Click Confirm on the Revoke ORCID Registry Access dialog box. The access has been revoked.

Revoke access on the ORCID profile

Navigation: Log in to ORCID > Name > Account Settings > Revoke Access

  1. Log into your ORCID account and click on your name in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Click Account settings.
    ORCID Profile dropdown with Account settings highlighted
  3. Click  Revoke access under Trusted Organizations next to Faculty180.
    Trusted organizations landing page with Revoke access button next to Faculty180
  4. Click Revoke access permissions.
    Revoke access Trusted organization landing page with Revoke access permissions button at the bottom
  5. FAR will no longer have access to your ORCID account until you choose to grant access to FAR again.

Import data from ORCID to FAR

If access has not already been granted to the ORCID account, follow the steps outlined under the Grant tab above to grant FAR access to a faculty ORCID profile.



Navigation: Vitas & Biosketches > Legacy Vitas > Vita/Profile Systems > Import

  1. Click Legacy Vitas under the Vitas & Biosketches section on the navigation bar in FAR.
    Vitas & Biosketches section with Legacy Vitas selected
  2. Click Import under the Vita/Profile Systems section.

    Data from the ORCID profile displays. Note that duplicate (previously imported) entries are hidden, and thus will not display.

  3. Select items to transfer to FAR.
  4. Scroll down and click Import Selected once all the desired records are selected.
  5. The records to be imported will display. Update the status, semester, and year as needed. 
  6. Click Save when finished.
  7. The Import from the ORCID results will display. The possible upload results are:
    • Successfully Added
    • Possible Duplicate: possible duplicates can be reviewed under the To Do section of the Dashboard.
    • Error: the reason for the error will be displayed
    • Exact duplicate: will not be imported.
  8. Click Go Back to return to the Vitas & Biosketches page. 
    • To review the import results again, click the View link under the View Previous Import column.

What's Included?


The following data can be imported from ORCID to FAR:

  • Works: maps to Scholarly and Creative Productions
  • Funding: maps to Grants
  • Affiliations: maps to Work Experience and Degrees
  • Biography: the Biography field maps to Biography.

    Note that Biography is the only field that maps in this section.

Not Included

The following data will not be included in ORCID imports to FAR:

  • Volume
  • Number
  • Page
  • Coauthor
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