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Use Guidelines and Collections to Prepare for Reviews

An institution may post guidelines in Dossier to guide users in assembling materials for particular review processes, such as annual performance reviews, promotion reviews, and more. Search for and save these guidelines to reference them as a checklist when preparing for future reviews. When preparing for a review using the guidelines feature. Collections of materials that meet the requirements of the review can be automatically assembled. When the time comes, the materials can be easily transferred over to the official review packet. This article explains how to start using guidelines to prepare for upcoming reviews.


Guidelines are only available to users whose institution subscribes to the feature.


Find Guidelines Posted by the Institution

  1. Navigate to your Dossier account by selecting your name in the top right hand corner, then selecting Dossier.
  2. Click Materials on the navigation menu.
    Materials selected on the navigation menu
  3. Click the Guidelines button in the upper right-hand corner.
    My Materials page with the Guidelines button selected

    The Guidelines button will only display if the feature is available at the institution. If it does not display, it is not available.

  4. Select a Unit using the dropdown under the Search for Guidelines section.
    Search for Guidelines section with Select Unit dropdown selected
  5. Click the Name of the guideline to preview it.
    • Click Return to Guidelines at the top of the page when done previewing the guidelines.

Prepare for Review by Creating a Collection Based on Guidelines

  1. Click Save adjacent to the desired guideline to designate those guidelines to appear at the top of the Guidelines page.
  2. Scroll back up to the top and click Prepare for this Review adjacent to the Saved Guideline.
    Saved Guidelines section with Prepare for this Review selected on the right-hand side adjacent to the template name and the remove button.
  3. Click Save adjacent to the desired guideline to designate those guidelines to appear at the top of the Guidelines page.
  4. Enter the Collection Name.
  5. Click Continue when finished.

Once the collection is created, materials can be added while viewing guidelines for the review. 


Add and Manage Materials within a Collection

Add Materials

You may see the button, View Instructions, on the top right of the page. This button will appear if the instutition has chosen to include additional instructions for candidate. You should always read through this information (if available) before populating your collection of materials. 

  1. Click Add Materials to add materials to the collection to meet the guidelines displayed on the right side of the screen.
    Review Preparation (2022) page with Guidelines displayed on the right-hand side and Add Materials button selected on the left-hand side
  2. Select the checkboxes adjacent to the desired materials to add. 

    Note that existing files, new files, and files from collections can be added by selecting the tabs.

  3. Click Add when finished.

Add Tags

It is recommended to add tags with the name of the guideline requirement they satisfy for each of the uploaded materials. 

  1. Click the Tag icon (plus sign).
    Title column with the plus sign icon selected below
  2. Select the Name of the tag from the dropdown or select Add new tag to create a new tag.

    When the review starts and it is time to add materials, open this collection and filter by tag to find the materials for each requirement. Collections created based on guidelines will appear listed on the Collections page on the navigation bar.

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