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RPT Release Notes: 2021.07.07

This article lists the most recent product changes. 

Fixed - Issue preventing external evaluators from opening documents with quotation marks in the title:

We now remove quotation marks from the title of documents shared with external evaluators. This resolves an issue where quotation marks in the title prevented some documents from loading after being shared with external evaluators. The evaluators can now review the document without the request being re-sent.

Fixed - Email formatting issues in Outlook:

Resolved an issue that prevented logos in emails from displaying as expected.

Fixed - Interface Delays and Performance Issues on Reports Page:

Resolved performance issues on reports such as slowness and unresponsiveness when hovering over and clicking filter checkboxes, selection/de-selection of column options, and issues with the pagination selection features.

Added - "User Type" field for Bulk User Create/Update (only applies for clients using the new unique ID requirement for all users):

To support scenarios where some users will not have a unique ID (e.g. an official ID number from the institution), we have added a new "User Type" field to user records in Interfolio Faculty Search and Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure. At institutions that have adopted the newly available unique ID requirement, when Administrators in Faculty Search or Review, Promotion & Tenure create a user, they will be required to select the User Type from a dropdown menu. There will be two possible user types:

  • Internal users: These are users at your institution. If the user selects Internal as the User Type, they are required to provide a User ID
  • External users: These are users such as external evaluators, applicants, etc, who are not internal to your institution. When a user is created and External is selected as the User Type, the User ID field will not appear.

If your institution has not yet adopted the new unique ID requirement, then the "User Type" value for all users should be "nil."