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Configure Standard Vita Report

The Standard Vita Report produces vitas for selected faculty members. A single vita, as well as vitas for multiple faculty members can be exported to print, Microsoft Word, or PDF.


Report access is based upon a user's permissions. For example, a provost might have permissions to access all reports at the university level and below, while deans might only have access to reports for their colleges.


Configure Standard Vita Report

1. Navigate to Standard Vitas under Reports

Navigation: Administration > Reports > Standard Vitas

  1. Navigate to Reports under the Administration section of the navigation menu. 
    Administration section with Reports highlighted
  2. Click Standard Vitas under the Administrative Reports section.
     Administrative Reports section with Standard Vitas underlined

2. Select desired unit

  1. Change the Employment Status by selecting the appropriate employment status from the dropdown, if necessary.
  2. Change the Assigned to Unit As by selecting the appropriate option from the dropdown. The default is Primary Unit while the options are Primary Unit, Secondary Unit, or Both.
  3. Click the hyperlinked number for the unit corresponding to the faculty member to be changed. If necessary, click the plus sign to expand a unit.

3. Specify Vita report options

Section Details
Template Select the vita drop-down to be used.
Begin and End Semester Select the academic terms for the vita desired to be viewed.
Employment Status Select the appropriate employment status from the list.
Assigned To Unit As Select either Primary Unit, Secondary Unit, or Both.

4. View and search for Vitas

  1. Click the View (eye) icon to view a particular vita.
  2. Enter a name in the Search box to search for a particular faculty member.

5. Export Vita

Method Steps
In Bulk
  1. Click the Bulk Export button.
  2. Click Select Faculty.
  3. Use the Faculty Selection Tool to specify the faculty for whom a Vita should be exported. 
  4. Select the Document Type for the export. The options include Print, Microsoft Word, and PDF.
  5. Click Export when finished.

Note that selecting Microsoft Word or PDF format will create a .zip file of all the vitas.

One faculty member at a time Click the Export (printer, Word document, or PDF) icon adjacent to the desired faculty member
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