View and Respond to Files Shared with You by a Committee (Rebuttal)

The committee reviewing your case may share files for you to review. The committee may also allow you to respond to the shared files in writing, and may set a date when the response is due.

The most common scenario is when the committee has made a decision about a candidate and gives the candidate the opportunity to respond. However, there may be other circumstances when the committee or administrative personnel require the candidate to view materials from the case packet.  

When files are shared with you, you will receive an email message prompting you to log into your account and view the files

Log in to Interfolio and select your institutional account

You may see an action item indicating that a shared file requires a response. Click to open the case to view the file.

Otherwise, simply open your packet

Click "Committee Files" in the upper right corner of the screen

Files shared with you will appear listed

If you are allowed to respond to the content of the file, you will see a link labeled "Respond," and a due date for when your response is due.

Please Note: This is a hard deadline, and you cannot respond to shared files after the due date.

Click the title of the file, or "View" to open the file in our materials reader

If a response to the file is allowed, click "Send Response" before the due date to respond to the material

Upload a file with your response

Click to "Send"

Submitted responses will appear along with shared files in the list Committee Files