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Interfolio Data Service: Using the Client Community Group to Stay Informed of Data Refreshes

Throughout the year, the Interfolio Data Service seeks out and pulls in data, at regular intervals, about academic publications that your institution’s faculty members have produced including books, book chapters, journal articles, and conference proceedings publications. The Data Service gets this data from a large data pool covering over 230 million records, published and tracked in over 60,000 reputable periodicals/outlets.

About Periodic Data Refreshes

On a regular basis, the data available through the Interfolio Data Service gets refreshed with new batches of bibliographic records (namely books, book chapters, journal articles, or conference proceedings) that we have discovered and matched to your scholars. 

How You Can Stay Informed

As the administrative point of contact for the Interfolio Data Service at your institution, there is an easy way for you to remain informed about these periodic refreshes to the publications data shown to your faculty members.

  1. In the Interfolio Client Community, visit the group Interfolio Data Service Clients. (As always when using the Community, you will need to sign in directly using your Interfolio Client Community credentials.)
  2. On the group page, use the dropdown menu at the top (next to the envelope icon) to subscribe to updates with the frequency you prefer.
  3. Each time there is a data refresh, an Interfolio team member will post in this group at least 1 week prior to the refresh, with the intended refresh date listed.
  4. Then, each time a refresh has been completed, an Interfolio team member will post again with confirmation.

If you need support related to your publications data or the Interfolio platform, we recommend you check first with your top Interfolio administrator at your institution. They may be able to either support you directly, or point you to the best documentation for your particular institution.

Beyond that, as with the rest of Interfolio’s technology, any user can seek support from Interfolio Scholar Services. Email us at or call us at (877) 997-8807, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Time (US).