Set Custom Terminology to Match Language At Your Institution

We realize that institutions vary widely in the vocabulary used to describe particular aspects of academic careers, functions, and designations. For this reason, we have made it easy for Administrators to replace default terms such as Appointment, Rank, Event, and other terms used in our product, with custom terminology that better matches the language used at their institution.

This article explains how to set up Custom Terminology from the Administration section of Lifecycle Management.

Select Administration from the left-hand navigation bar of the LM module, and select Custom Terminology on the Administration page

Lifecycle Management - Interfolio

The Custom Terminology page:

From the Custom Terminology page you can view and edit the default names of important aspects of the product.

Currently we allow users to set custom terms for:

  • Appointment: Appointments connect selected, qualified individuals to a title, position, post, or set of responsibilities for a designated period. For example: An "Appointment to Assistant Professor."
  • Event: The reviews or milestones associated with a rank. For example: A "Re-appointment Review," or "Promotion to Tenure Review" are Events.
  • Faculty: The academic staff of an institution. Generally, the body of teaching and research staff at an institution.
  • Professional Journey: A linked progression of multiple ranks connected together to create a career timeline. For example, The "Clinical Faculty Journey" might be made up of the ranks Clinical Instructor, Assistant Clinical Professor, Associate Clinical Professor, and Clinical Professor.
  • Rank: Faculty appointments are classified into ranks and groups by title. Generally, ranks reflect the hierarchical structures used in academia, and may or may not be connected to particular rights and benefits that may or may not pertain to each category or classification. For example, a given appointment may be structured with the following ranks: Instructor,  Assistant Professor,  Associate Professor, and Professor
  • Series: A series represents a sequence of academic titles in increasing order of rank, such as Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, Professor, or Faculty Fellow, Senior Faculty Fellow, Distinguished Faculty Fellow.
Lifecycle Management - Interfolio

Click "Edit" to the right of the page to edit the default name

Lifecycle Management - Interfolio

Edit label: Add a custom singular label and a custom plural label to replace the default term, and click to save

An example would be "Academic Appointment" and the plural "Academic Appointments."

Lifecycle Management - Interfolio

The new term will appear wherever that word is used throughout the product

Lifecycle Management - Interfolio