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Overview of Dossier Text Character Limits

This article is meant to assist Dossier users in filling out and preparing the various fields they will encounter on the website. A word processor can be used to help determine if the responses will fit into each field.

Section Characters within fields

Title: 255 characters

Label: 30 characters

Description: 6000 characters

Recommendation Request

First Name: 50 characters

Last Name: 50 characters

Recommendation Destination (specific position or opportunity): 255 characters

Position/Opportunity Description (text): 8000 characters

Message to Recommender: 8000 characters


Recipient Name: 200 characters

Recipient Title: 255 characters

Recipient Department: 150 characters

Address (line 1 and 2): 150 characters

City: 50 characters


Text: 255 characters

Multiple Choice/ Radio “Other” option: 255 characters

Paragraph: 8000 characters

Account Settings

ID title: 30 characters

ID response: 30 characters