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Quick Start Dossier Guide

What is Dossier?

Interfolio Dossier is a free tool that helps scholars to collect, organize, and send out evidence of their academic excellence. Using Dossier, confidential letters of recommendation can be requested and stored. Dossier accounts never expire so uploaded materials will be available at any time. Applying and sending your materials to interfolio-hosted positions is always free.

What is Dossier Deliver? 

With a $59.99 annual subscription to the Dossier Deliver service, materials can be sent to application systems outside of Interfolio. An annual subscription includes 50 deliveries by email, mail, or confidential letter uploads to online application systems. Quality checks will be performed on letters of recommendation and alerts will be sent if there is a problem. Note that applying to Interfolio-hosted positions is always free, and these deliveries do not count against the 50 annual deliveries.


Dossier Homepage

  • Deliveries: Access all your applications that have been completed or are still in progress search for open positions, and with a Dossier Deliver account, send your materials to non-Interfolio applications.
  • Materials: Upload and manage your materials to attach to applications and reviews. Share materials with your contacts to gather feedback Request letters of recommendation.
  • Letters: Access all your letter requests and letters you've been asked to write.
  • Collections: Organize your materials into collections to prepare for applications and reviews. Share collections with your contacts to gather feedback.
  • Shared with me: Access materials that have been shared with you.


Features available to all Dossier Users

Add Materials to your Dossier Account

  1. Click Materials on the Dossier navigation menu.
     Materials selected on navigation
  2. Click Add Files to upload files to include in Dossier materials. 
  3. Select a category for this file to allow organization and filtering for your materials.
  4. Click Add when finished.

    The file has now been added to your Dossier Account and can be managed on your Materials page. It will be available to attach to any applications. Any files you upload directly to an application, will also be added to your Dossier Materials page.


Request Letters of Recommendation

With a Dossier account, users can request letters of recommendation and have them stored in their account to attach to any application. 

  1. Select either Materials or Letters on the left-hand menu. 
  2. Click Request Recommendation at the top of the page.
  3. Select the Request Method
    • Email: We will send an email request to your letter writer with details and instructions on how to provide a letter of recommendation.

      If an emailed request is selected, you will need to select your letter writer from your list of contacts or create a new contact

    • Paper form: We will provide you with a pdf cover letter for you to give to your letter writer. The request will include instructions on how to mail a paper form of the letter to Interfolio.
  4. Confidentiality: If you check the box for confidentiality, you are waiving the right to see the content of the letter. You will have access to add the confidential letter to any applications.
  5. Fill out the remaining information.
  6. Click Send Request when finished. 
    • Once the request is sent, you can check the status or resend it on the Letters page. When the letter has been uploaded, it will be added to your Materials and available to attach to future applications.

Once a request has been sent, the only thing that can be edited is the title of the letter. If you need to make any other changes, you must cancel the request by selecting it on the Materials page, selecting Other Options, then Delete. This will notify your letter writer that the letter is no longer needed.


Create Collections of Materials

Once materials are assembled, collections of related materials can be created to organize your Dossier. Collections can be used to gather materials for a job application, fellowship position, and many other purposes.


Search and Apply to Positions Hosted Within Interfolio

Users can search and apply to positions hosted by Interfolio.

  1.  Select Deliveries on the left-hand menu
  2.  Use the search box under Find and Opportunity to search for positions hosted by Interfolio. 
  3.  You may come across Interfolio-hosted positions from other job sources. When you click to apply for those jobs, you will be prompted to sign into your Interfolio account and will have access to your materials to add to the application.

Upload a Confidential Letter of Recommendation (For Letter Writers)

Letter writers are also provided with a personal Dossier account. Letter writers can upload their letter by :

  1. Selecting the Upload Letter button in the emailed request. 
    If you do not see this button, you may need to update your browser.
  2. Accept and Upload Letter


  1. Log into Interfolio 
  2. Select Letters on the navigation menu
  3. Select Letters to Write
  4. Select View Details for the appropriate request
  5. Accept and Upload your letter.

Features Available To Dossier Deliver and Dossier Institution Users

Send Dossier Materials and Letters to Jobs not hosted by Interfolio 

Requires an active Dossier Deliver account.

  1. Click Deliveries under on the Dossier navigation menu.
     Deliveries selected on the navigation bar
  2. Click New Delivery at the top of the page to send out materials when applying for jobs or other academic opportunities. 

    This is a premium feature that is only available with Dossier Deliver. Check out this article on how to Upgrade to Dossier Deliver for more information.

  3. Choose to send materials by mail, email, or confidential letter upload. 

Get Feedback on Materials 

Only available to users with Dossier Deliver accounts or users with Dossier Institution accounts.


Check out this article to learn more about sharing and receiving feedback for Dossier Materials.

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