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Quick Start Dossier Guide

Interfolio Dossier offers tools to help scholars manage their careers and apply to academic opportunities. From applying to schools to applying for tenure reviews, Dossier helps users to collect, organize, and send out evidence of their academic excellence. With a free Dossier account, all materials needed throughout an academic career can be uploaded and managed, while confidential letters of recommendation can be requested and stored. Dossier accounts never expire so uploaded materials will be available at any time. This article will go over how to get started with Dossier. With a $59.99 annual subscription to the Dossier Deliver service, materials can be sent when applying for jobs, fellowships, and other academic opportunities. An annual subscription includes 50 deliveries by email, mail, or confidential letter uploads to online application systems. Quality checks will be performed on letters of recommendation and alerts will be sent if there is a problem.


Note that applying to Interfolio-hosted positions is free, and these deliveries do not count against the 50 annual deliveries. If institutions offer their users Dossier accounts through Dossier Institution, then those users have the ability to use guidelines and share their materials with other users at their institution.


Note that if a user has Dossier through their institution they may need to click their name in the top right corner of the screen and then select Interfolio Dossier from the dropdown to select their personal Dossier account.


Quick Start Dossier Guide

Add Files/Request Letters

1. Navigate to Add Files under Materials

Navigation: Materials > Add Files

  1. Click Materials on the Dossier navigation menu.
     Materials selected on navigation
  2. Click Add Files to upload files to include in Dossier materials
  3. Click Add when finished.

2. Request a Letter of Recommendation

When requesting letters of recommendation, a request will be sent to the letter writer. When the letters come in they will be stored within Dossier materials and can be sent where they need to go from there. Confidentiality is maintained throughout this entire process.

  1. Click Request Recommendation at the top of the page.
  2. Fill out the information.
  3. Click Send Request when finished. 

Manage Materials

Letter Requests

  1. Click Letters on the navigation bar.
    Letters selected on navigation bar
  2. On this page, details can be viewed about requested letters, the status can be checked, and requests can be resent.

Check out this article on how to Request Letters of Recommendation  for more information on how to view details and resend a request


Collections of Materials

Once materials are assembled, collections of related materials can be created to organize your Dossier. Collections can be used to gather materials for a job application, fellowship position, and many other purposes.


Feedback on Materials

Sharing and receiving feedback is a premium feature only available to users with Dossier Deliver accounts or users with Dossier Institution accounts.


Apply to Positions Hosted Within Interfolio

1. Navigate to New Delivery under Deliveries

Navigation: Deliveries > New Delivery

  1. Click Deliveries under on the Dossier navigation menu.
     Deliveries selected on the navigation bar
  2. Click New Delivery at the top of the page to send out materials when applying for jobs or other academic opportunities. 

    This is a premium feature that is only available with Dossier Deliver. Check out this article on how to Upgrade to Dossier Deliver for more information.


2. Apply to positions

Choose to send materials by mail, email, or confidential letter upload. Users can also apply to positions hosted by Interfolio by searching for specific terms in the Find an Opportunity section.

New Delivery Page with Email, Mail, and COnfidential Letter Upload selections below the Send Materials section and a search bar below that in the Find and Opportunity section

When searching for opportunities listed through Interfolio, users can also search for terms on Inside Higher Ed, HigherEd Jobs, and HERC (Higher Education Recruitment Consortium).


3. Use materials in Dossier to apply

Check out these articles on how to Apply to a Position with Interfolio, How to Send Dossier Materials Via Email, and how to Request Letters of Recommendation for further guidance.

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