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Request Letters of Recommendation from your Dossier

You can request letters of recommendation (confidential or non-confidential) from letter writers directly through your Interfolio Dossier account.


With an upgrade to Dossier Deliver, you can send your letters out to opportunities by email or mail. Sending letters to Interfolio-hosted positions is free.  


Note: Dossier users cannot upload confidential letters of recommendation for themselves.



How to request a letter of recommendation

1. Open your Dossier and click "Letters" in the left hand navigation bar.

2. Click "Request a Letter"

3. Select the request method; email or printed form


To email the request:

1. Enter (select) the name of your recommender(s)

You can choose to add an existing contact as your letter writer, or if a recommender is not in your list contacts, click "Add New Contact" to add the writer to your list of saved contacts.

For more information see this article on How to: Add Letter Writers to Your Contact List and Send Letter Requests To Multiple Writers

If you aren't sure if a name is in your contacts when making a request, start typing and if the name appears, select the name of your recommender.

The selected letter writer will display.

If the name does not appear, click to open the "Add New Contact" tab. Enter the contact's title, name and email, and click Add Contact.

2. Customize the Auto-Generated Document Title

When you submit your request, we will create a document title for each letter you request, and replace the text variable "%RecommenderName%" with the name of your recommender.

This allows you to personalize each letter request when requesting from multiple writers.

To customize the auto-generated title, click into the "Document Title" field and add text before or after the recommender's name. The text you add will appear in the "Preview" field as shown below. Note that you can customize the document title, but you must keep the recommender name in the title.

3. Indicate if this is a request for a confidential letter

Note that by requesting a confidential document, you acknowledge that you waive all rights of access to the letter you are requesting.

4. Enter information that will be provided to your recommender when viewing and submitting your request

  • Provide a due date for when you need the recommendation.
  • Specify if this is a general recommendation or a recommendation for a specific opportunity.
  • Provide a website address or text description of the opportunity for which you are applying.

5. Enter a message to your recommender(s)

Note that we will personalize the message by inserting the name of each individual recommender in place of the text variable  "%RecommenderName%"

You can click "Preview Request" to see how the message will look to recommenders.

6. Add supporting materials

You can add materials from your Dossier that will be viewable by your letter writer. You can even include materials from collections.

Simply click "Add materials" and select files you want to send along with your request.

7. Click "Send Request" when you are ready

It's a good idea to check back over your request. Remember, you cannot edit a request after we email the request to your letter writer. You will see a confirmation screen when you have successfully requested your recommendation. Once you hit send, you should see a confirmation message showing your email was sent.


To send a request as a paper form:

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, there may be a delay in uploading letters mailed to Interfolio. Letters received electronically will continue to be uploaded and processed as usual.


1. Select "Paper Form." Fill out the form and click "Complete Request."

2. Click "Download Request Form," to download and print a cover sheet (pdf) to give to your letter writer

You will need to download a cover sheet and give it your letter writer. After the letter is mailed to us, we will check it, scan it in, and upload it your Dossier where it will available for you to use.


Review your request

Requests will appear in the "My Materials" section of your Dossier with the status "Requested" until we receive the letter

You can keep track of and re-send your requests from the "Letters" page in you Dossier

Look for "Letters" in the navigation bar located in the navigation bar.

You will see a list of letters you have requested on the "My letters of Recommendation" tab

Click "View Details" (to the right of the list) to see detailed information about your letters and requests including a "History" of the letter or request

You will see a tab displaying details:

Confidential letters will not appear in the reader, but you will see a message that the document is confidential along with the details and history of the document.


Open the "History" tab to see a record of activity about the letter and your request:


Resend a request

If you are having trouble with an emailed request, you may want to ask your letter writer to check the spam folder of their email inbox.


Click "Letters" on your navigation bar

You will see a list of letters you have requested on the "My letters of Recommendation" tab

Locate your pending letter request and note the date the request was last sent

Click "Re-send Request" under the "Actions" column to the right

You will be asked to confirm:

We will resend the original letter request to your letter writer with a link to submit your letter of recommendation.

You may need to make sure your letter writer checks their spam folder. To ensure delivery, the letter writer can add to their contacts.


If you need to resend a request in printed form:


Click "View Details" under the "Actions" column to the right

Click "Download Cover Sheet" at the bottom left of the reader

Print the downloaded document request form and send it to your letter writer

Your letter writer will need to include this form as a cover sheet when they mail the recommendation to Interfolio.


Once we receive you recommendation we will scan it and upload it to your Dossier where it will be available for you use.


FAQ: Does your letter need to be signed?

Interfolio does not require a writer to submit their recommendation with a signature; however, admissions offices and hiring committees may require letters with a signature. Interfolio will notify you and your letter writer if a letter does not have letter head, signature, or is missing some other features. Read more about the QC process.

A note for applicants:

Please let your letter writer know if the opportunity to which you are applying requires a digital signature for electronically submitted letters of recommendation. You may want to include the request for a signature in the message you send to your recommender during the process of requesting a letter of recommendation.

Your letter writer can sign the document using a digital signature program or service. Alternatively, they can scan and upload a hand-signed letter, or mail us a signed copy of your letter.



If you are applying to an Interfolio-hosted position see here: Request and Add Letters of Recommendation to an Application for an Interfolio-hosted Position.

To send a letter to an online application system, follow the instructions here: How to: Upload a Confidential Letter to an Online Application System