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Submit a Letter of Recommendation (For Letter Writers)

When a letter of recommendation is requested, an email will be sent notifying the letter writer of the request. After receiving a request, the letter can be uploaded directly to Interfolio, or if the requester has provided a document request form, the letter can be mailed to Interfolio. When a letter is requested, a free Dossier account is created. The Interfolio Dossier account does not need to be used to upload letters of recommendation to Interfolio, but it is recommended to organize, track, store, and send all of the recommendation and evaluation requests.


Some organizations require signatures be added to letters of recommendation, including letters submitted electronically. Please check to make sure the letter is signed if the requester has indicated that a signature is required.


To withdraw a submitted letter, please send an email to 


Submit a Letter of Recommendation

1. Complete the request

From the emailed request

  1. Click Upload Letter in the request for a recommendation email.
  2. The Request Details page will display.
  3. Click Accept or Decline. Choose to accept the request and begin the process of writing and submitting a letter, or decline the request.

No matter which option is selected, it can be changed later.


By logging in to your Interfolio Account

  1. Log in to your Dossier Account.
  2. Navigate to Letters from the navigation menu.
  3. Select the tab Letters to Write.
  4. Select View Details next to the requested letter
  5. Choose Accept or Decline. Choose to accept the request and begin the process of writing and submitting a letter, or decline the request.


No matter which option is selected, it can be changed later.


2. Make a decision


  1. There may be attached files to review. View the files under the Supporting Materials section.
    Request Details page displays with Type, Requested By, Due By, and Message from requester information displays with Supporting Materials below and a select File for Upload button at the bottom.
  1. Click Select File for Upload to upload and submit the letter of recommendation.
  2. Browse To Upload or Drag & Drop to upload recommendations.
    Select File for Upload section with Browse To Upload button and Submit Recommendation button at the bottom of the page
  3. Click Submit Recommendation when finished. 
    -  A confirmation screen will appear. Click to activate or sign in to the free Interfolio Dossier account.

    Using Interfolio's Dossier service is not required to submit letters, but a free account is created when a user requests a letter through the Interfolio Dossier system.



The requester will be informed of the decision when they check the status of the request in their Dossier account.


Revert Decision

If the due date for the requested letter of recommendation has not passed, you can revert your decision to accept or decline the request. 

  1.  Access the request either by Selecting Upload Letter from the emailed request you received or by logging in to your account and navigating to Letters > Letters to Write.
  2. Select the I've changed my mind link to revert your decision.


Request Details

Request Detail Information
Due By If the requester has set a due date for the request, it will appear here.
Recommendation Type Indicates the purpose of the recommendation and the type of letter needed.
Opportunity Description If the recommendation is for a particular opportunity, a link or text description will appear here.
Message If the requester includes a message with the request, the text will appear here
Documents If documents are attached to the request, click View Documents to read the files online, or click Download to download it to your computer

Check out this article on how to Replace or Update Letters for further direction on the next steps to take.



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