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Manage Letter of Recommendation Requests (For Letter Writers)

This article reviews how Letter Writers can manage their requested letters of recommendation.


Manage Letters

1. Navigate to Letters to Write under Letters

Navigation: Letters > Letters to Write

  1. Click Letters on the navigation menu.
    Letters selected on the navigation menu
  2. Select the Letters to Write tab.
    Letters section with Letters to Write tab selected

    Note that the number of new requests will appear listed on the tab and the letters requested will appear listed on the page. By default, requests that have not yet been accepted, or that have been accepted but not yet submitted will appear listed.


2. Manage Letters

Filter List

Click the Status column to filter the list to show all requests, completed requests, accepted requests, and declined requests. Request statuses include:

Status Description
Requested The letter has been requested, but not yet accepted or declined.
Completed The letter has been successfully uploaded to the requester's Dossier.
Accepted The letter request has been accepted, but not yet uploaded.
Declined The letter request has been refused.
Pending The letter has been requested, and Interfolio is waiting for the letter writer to either accept, decline, or upload accepted requests.

Note the ID number of the request under the Actions column. A missing request can be found using this number. The ID number also appears in the email.


View Uploaded Letters

  1. Click View Details under the Actions column.
  2. Click Download the PDF, Download the Original, or Replace the file.

    Note, this will not appear for confidential letters of recommendation.


If you would like to find a missing request, check out this article on how to Retrieve Missing Letter Requests for further directions.

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