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Mail a Letter of Recommendation to Interfolio

Requesters may elect to send a printed Document Request form if they want a hard copy of the recommendation submitted to Interfolio. Follow the instructions below to mail the letter to Interfolio.


Mail a Letter of Recommendation to Interfolio

Received Printed Document Request Form

  1. Place the printed letter and the Interfolio Document Request Form in an envelope.
  2. Mail the letter to the following address:
    Mailing Address
    Interfolio, Inc.
    1400 K Street NW, Suite 1100
    Washington DC 20005

Interfolio will scan and upload the letter within one to three business days from its arrival. According to USPS guidelines, letters sent First Class can take three to 14 days to arrive. If the person being recommended has a deadline approaching, it is recommended to upload the letter


Interfolio does not accept faxed letters of recommendation due to poor resolution quality.


Check out this article on how to Submit a Letter of Recommendation (for Letter Writers) for more information on sending via courier services such as USPS or FedEx.


Lost Printed Document Request Form

Printed Letter Request Forms have user document IDs and barcodes used for internal processing. If the form has been misplaced, ask the student or colleague requesting the letter for a new copy. They can print a new copy after logging into their Interfolio account

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