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Designate a Person to Upload Letters from Multiple Letter Writers (Proxy)

It is common for institutions and letter services to designate one individual to upload recommendation letters on behalf of multiple letter writers. The individuals uploading the letters are referred to as a proxy.  Since the proxy is actually uploading the letters, their name and email will be used as the Recommender when creating and sending a letter request.


Note that when a letter is added to an Interfolio-hosted position or sent as part of a delivery, the receiving institution will only see the title of the letter and the letter itself.  The recommender’s name and email address that is listed in Interfolio is private.


Add Proxy’s Name to Contacts

1. Navigate to Add Contacts under My Contacts

Navigation: Add Contacts > Add Contact > Add

  1. Select My Contacts from the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner.
    Name dropdown with My Contacts selected
  2. Click Add Contact in the upper right-hand corner of the My Contacts page.
  3. Enter the name and email address of the proxy who is going to receive the request and upload the letter on behalf of the actual recommender.

    Note that the name and email listed here will not be shared when the letter is added to an application or shared as part of a delivery.

  4. Click Add when finished.

2. Request Letter

Check out this article on how to Request Letters of Recommendation from your Dossier for further direction on this step.