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Designate a Person to Upload Letters from Multiple Letter Writers (Proxy)

1. About Requesting Letters of Recommendation


It is common for institutions and letter services to designate one individual to upload recommendation letters on behalf of multiple letter writers.  We call the individual uploading the letters a proxy.  Since the proxy is actually uploading the letters, their name and email will be used as the Recommender when creating and sending a letter request.

Note that when a letter is added to an Interfolio-hosted position or sent as part of a delivery, the receiving institution will only see the title of the letter and the letter itself.  The recommender’s name and email address that is listed in Interfolio is private.

2. Adding the proxy’s name to your Contacts

2.1. 1. Open your Dossier, click your name in the top right corner, and select "My Contacts" from the dropdown menu

2.2. 2. Click "Add Contact" at the top right of the screen

2.3. 3. Enter contact information and click "Add"


This is where you will add the name and email address of the proxy who is going to receive the request and upload the letter on behalf of the actual recommender.  Note that the name and email listed here will not be shared when the letter is added to an application or shared as part of a delivery.

3. Requesting a letter

3.1. 1. Open your Dossier and click "Letters" in the left-hand navigation bar

3.2. 2. Click "Request a Letter"

3.3. 3. Select the request method; email or paper form

4. To send an email request

4.1. 1. Enter (select) the name of the proxy who will receive the request

You can choose to add an existing contact, or if the proxy is not in your list contacts, click "Add New Contact" to add them to your list of saved contacts.

If you aren't sure if a name is in your contacts when making a request, start typing and if the name appears, select it.

Select the name from the list to designate it as to who the request is going to.

4.1.1. If the name does not appear, click to open the "Add New Contact" tab

If the name does not appear, click to open the "Add New Contact" tab

4.2. 2. Customize the Auto-Generated Document Title

We will create a document title for each letter you request and replace the text variable "%RecommenderName%" with the name of the proxy.  You can customize the name above but please note that you must keep the proxy’s name in the title until the request has been sent.  Once the request has been sent, you are welcome to remove the proxy’s name from the title and replace it with the name of the letter writer.

4.2.1. To customize the auto-generated title, click into the "Document Title" field and add text before or after the proxy's name

By customizing the title, you can let the proxy know what letter should be uploaded to fulfill the request.

4.3. 3. Indicate if this is a request for a confidential letter


Confidential Letter

Note that by requesting a confidential document, you acknowledge that you waive all rights of access to the letter you are requesting.

4.4. 4. Enter information that will be provided to the proxy when viewing the request and uploading your letter

This section allows you to customize the request that the proxy will receive. This section is optional and you are not required to add anything in order to submit the request. Here you can:

Provide a due date for when you need the recommendation.

Specify if this is a general recommendation or a recommendation for a specific opportunity.

Provide a website address or text description of the opportunity for which you are applying or will be using the letter.

4.5. 5. Enter a message to the proxy

Note that we will personalize the message by inserting the proxy’s name in place of the text variable "%RecommenderName%"

You can click "Preview Request" to see how the message will look when the proxy reads it.

4.6. 6. Add supporting materials

You can add materials from your Dossier that will be viewable by the proxy.  You can even include materials from collections.  Note that you are not required to add supporting documents in order to send the request.

Simply click "Add Materials" and select the files you want to send along with your request.

4.7. Click "Send Request" when you are ready


It's a good idea to check back over your request. Remember, you cannot edit a request after it is sent.

4.7.1. You will see a confirmation screen when you have successfully sent the request

5. Reviewing the Request

5.1. Requests will appear in the "Letters" section of your Dossier with the status "Requested" until we receive the letter

5.2. If you would like to remove the proxy’s name from the request and add the name of the actual letter writer, you may do so here

5.2.1. Click "View Details" under the "Actions" column to the right

5.2.2. View "Details:"

5.3. Change the title of the letter by typing in the Title box and click Save

You can change the title to remove the proxy’s name and add the name of the actual letter writer.  Note that the title is visible when the letter is added to an Interfolio-hosted application or sent out as a part of a delivery.

5.4. A new request will need to be sent to the proxy for each letter that will be uploaded.