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Create and Manage Your List of Contacts

You can create and maintain a list of contacts from whom you request letters. You can use your contacts to request letters from multiple letter writers using the same letter request.

When requesting multiple letters, we will automatically generate a document title with the letter writer's name to personalize your requests. And of course, you can customize the auto-generated document title.

Depending on your permissions in the program, if you have a Dossier Deliver account, you can also share materials with the people in your contact list. For more information see: How to: Share and Receive Feedback on Dossier Materials.

Adding New Contacts

1. Open your Dossier, click your name in the top right corner, and select "My Contacts" from the dropdown menu

2. Click "Add Contact" at the top right of the screen

3. Add contact information and click "Add"

You can also add contacts when requesting a letter using the email request method

Note that you can only use the Contacts feature when making a recommendation request using the email request method.

Select the email request method

Enter (select) the name of your recommender(s)

You can choose to add an existing contact as your letter writer, or if a recommender is not in your list contacts, click "Add New Contact" to add the writer to your list of saved contacts.

If you aren't sure if a name is in your contacts when making a request, start typing and if the name appears, select the name of your recommender.

The selected letter writer will display.

Note that you can add as many letter writers as you want!

If the name does not appear, click to open the "Add New Contact" tab

Enter the contact's title, name and email, and click Add Contact.


Editing and Deleting Contacts

Open "My Contacts" and select "Edit" or "Delete"

To edit contacts, simply go to "My Contacts" and click the "Edit" or "Delete" link next to someones's name.

If you have requested a letter from a person in your contact list, editing or deleting that person's contact information here will NOT affect your existing letter request.


Using Contacts and Sending Your Request to Multiple Writers

Select the letter writer from the dropdown list

When making a letter request, select the letter writer from the dropdown list that appears when you click in the "Recommender" field.

You can add as many letter writers as you want!

Customizing the Auto-Generated Document Title

When you submit your request, we will create a document title for each letter you request, and replace the text variable "%RecommenderName%" with the name of your recommender.

This allows you to personalize each letter request when requesting from multiple writers.

To customize the auto-generated title, click into the "Document Title" field and add text before or after the recommender's name

The text you add will appear in the "Preview" field as shown below.

Note that you can customize the document title, but you must keep the recommender name in the title.