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Merge Interfolio Accounts

It is possible to end up with multiple Interfolio accounts whether is it from working at an institution, applying to various positions, or being a letter writer. This tool has been designed to let users self-merge their multiple accounts.


Check out this article About Merging Interfolio Accounts for details on what information is kept and lost during this process.


Please keep the following in mind when merging accounts:

  • Merging is a permanent process
  • Only users can merge their own accounts.
  • Only users can access their personal dossier data, institutions cannot view this information. 
  • When merging two Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR, Faculty180) accounts, there is a waiting period.
  • If an error occurs that prevents merging, a ticket will automatically be created for review by an engineer to be resolved.

Merge Accounts

1. Navigate to Email & Communications under Account Settings

Navigation: Account Settings > Email & Communications

  1. Click Account Settings from the dropdown in the upper right-hand corner.
     dropdown menu with Account Settings selected under Account Options
  2. Click Email & Communications on the left-hand navigation bar.
     Email & Communications selected

2. Merge accounts

  1. Click Merge Accounts.
  2. Type in the credentials for the account desired to merge.
  3. Check the boxes under Before merging, please check the boxes below to acknowledge the following after carefully reading each one.
  4. Click Merge Accounts when finished. The merge is now complete.

Note that if one account is a FAR account, there will be a waiting period before the merge is complete.