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Archive Materials in your Dossier

To keep your materials organized, you can easily archive old letters, outdated transcripts, used cover letters, and other materials from past applications.

Archiving a file will remove it from display on your "All Materials" tab and from your list of available documents when sending a delivery.

You can archive materials one at a time, or archive multiple files at once.

Archived documents can be easily unarchived and added back to your Dossier Materials.

Archived materials are not deleted.

How to Archive Materials and/or View Archived Materials

Click "Materials" on the navigation bar

On your "My Materials" page, select one or more files and click the "Archive" button when it appears on the page

You must select a file from the list. The "Archive" button will only display when one or more files is selected.

Confirm your decision by clicking "Archive" again, then documents are viewable by the link on the Materials page (shown above)

You can also archive documents one at a time when viewing the document details

Click the name of the document you want to archive

This opens the document in the the document reader

Click "Other Options" in the upper right hand column and select "Archive" from the dropdown menu


How to Unarchive Materials:

On your Materials page, select the "View Archived Materials" link

Select the materials to unarchive and click the "Unarchive" button to the right of the page