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Naming and Organizing Packet Materials

Make sure to give the files in the packet a meaningful title because reviewers will see the titles provided as bookmarks to the left of the page when reviewing the documents. By default, the name that will appear to reviewers is the name of the file given when it was uploaded, but the title of a file can be edited after adding it to the packet. 


How to Name Packet Materials

Before Upload

Before uploading the file, navigate to the document browser on the computer and give the file an appropriate name desired for reviewers to see. Afterward, the file can be uploaded and it will appear with that title name within Interfolio.


After Upload

If the section is unlocked, the title of the document can be changed after upload. If the section is locked, you will need to reach out to the institution to make any changes.


After the file is uploaded to your packet, edit the title by following these steps:

  1. Click Your Packets on the navigation bar.
  2. Select the desired packet to edit under the Active Packets section.
  3. Select the tab Packet.
  4. Click Edit next to the uploaded material.
  5. Rename the Title within the provided field.

Documents can also be renamed on the Materials page within your Dossier account.


Best Practices

Use Bookmarks for Packet Organization

In addition to bookmarking the titles of the materials in the packet, the Interfolio Document Reader will automatically bookmark the bolded headings, sections, and subsections within the documents uploaded. Reviewers will see these bookmarks nested beneath the document title, allowing them to draw attention to points in longer documents.

  • These bookmarks cannot be edited in the Interfolio Document reader. If you need to make changes, you must edit the bookmarks within Adobe or another document editing program, then re-upload that document to your Interfolio packet.
  • Interfolio does not recommend adding additional properties to bookmarks in Adobe as they will not be usable when loaded into the platform.

Re-order Packet Materials

Documents can be dragged and dropped within the Packet tab.

  • Move one or more fulfillments from one requirement to another
  • Reorder the fulfillments within the same requirement
  • Cannot move or rearrange fulfillments in a locked requirement


How do I remove bookmarks or turn off this feature?

The bookmarks cannot be turned off within the Interfolio document reader, however, you can remove or edit the bookmarks within Adobe by navigating to the bookmark panel, selecting the bookmark (or Ctrl + A to select all bookmarks) and selecting delete.



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