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Re-use Materials in Current or Upcoming Reviews

Candidates up for review can import and reuse materials from past Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) packets when assembling a packet for a current or upcoming review. When up for an important review (like tenure, or promotion to full professor), materials that have previously been submitted for routine reviews, such as annual reviews, can be easily added. This can save hours of tedious redundant work, and cut down on potential errors when assembling packets.


Unit Administrators or Case Managers can add materials from previous reviews. Interfolio has added the ability for authorized institutional users to pre-populate a candidate's case with suggested materials pulled from that candidate's past cases. At the same time, the platform gives the candidate the option to accept, edit, or remove those suggested materials.


Reuse Materials in Reviews

1. Navigate to Edit under Your Packets

Navigation: Your Packets > Packet Name

  1. Click Your Packets from the navigation bar.
    Your Packets selected under the Home button

    If this is not showing up in the navigation bar, it may be because this is the Dossier page. Switch accounts using the account menu at the top right of the page.

  2. Click the Name of the desired packet.

2. Add files from a previous packet

  1. Select the Packet tab.
    Packet tab selected

    Note that previously completed packets are also available for review on this page page under the Completed section.

  2. Click the down arrow adjacent to the desired section.
  3. Click Add to add files.
  4. Select the Packets tab and select the desired packet.
    Add External Reviewers section with Packets tab selected below the Choose Existing tab
  5. Click the name of the desired Packet.
    • Click the checkbox adjacent to All documents in this review in a single PDF to combine all document easily.
      Choose Existing tab selected with checkbox selected adjacent to All documents in this review in a single PDF

      Note that checking this box can save users a lot of time.

  6. Select the checkboxes adjacent to the desired files to add.
    • Click Select a different review to choose a different packet.
  7. Click Add when finished.
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