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Recuse a Member of a Standing Committee From a Case Review Step

Unit Administrators and Case Managers can recuse (temporarily remove) members of a standing committee from the Case page of a given step. The instructions below explain how to temporarily remove a standing committee member from a case review step.


All changes made to the membership of standing committees from the Case page are temporary and apply to the current step only. Check out our article on how to Manage a Standing Committee for more information on making permanent changes to the membership of standing committees.


Recuse Member of Standing Committee

1. Navigate to Candidate under Cases

Navigation: Cases > Voting

  1. Navigate to Cases on the navigation menu. 
     Review, Promotion & Tenure section with Cases highlighted
  2. Click the Name of the candidate to navigate to the desired case to edit.

2. Recuse Committee Member under Case Details

  1. Click the Case Details tab.
    Virginia Apgar with Case Details tab highlighted

    When managing more than one committee with access to the case at the current workflow step, check to make sure the Reviewing as: section has the correct committee listed.

  2. Click the Edit button above the list of committee members.
  3. Click the Recusal icon (circle with diagonal line through center) adjacent to the member's name.
    • The recused committee member will lose access to this case while it is in the current step. Recusal does not remove them from the standing committee.

3. Restore recused committee member

  1. Click the Edit button above the list of committee members.
  2. Click the Restore icon (addition sign within box) to restore a recused committee member at the current step