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About Committee Forms

Unit Administrators in Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) can create, edit, and manage committee forms made up of questions to be completed by members of a committee. This feature allows Unit Administrators to require, collect, and report on the results of responses to fixed questions from individual reviewers and committee members, just as if the respondent had filled out a paper form. As with candidate forms, these new committee forms and their responses become part of the case as it proceeds, allowing reviewers later in the process to take the thoughts of earlier reviewers into consideration (depending on settings for viewing responses).

  • A committee form is parallel to the committee document requirement option that already exists, except instead of the committee manager uploading a file, RPT Unit Administrators can require every committee member (on that committee, at that step) to fill out an online form.
  • Committee forms are managed at a unit level and are accessed from the Administration section of RPT. RPT Unit Administrators can assign committee forms as a committee-facing requirement to templates and/or single cases.
  • Committee Members and Committee Managers can fill out and submit (or resubmit if necessary) committee forms as part of their work on a case. When a form is assigned to a case, one or more reviewers may be required to supply separate answers to specific questions about a candidate as a requirement at a given case step. While forms may be required, it is also possible to omit a form for individual committee members to prevent cases from getting unnecessarily held up.
  • Committee forms in RPT include new question types that are not currently available when creating candidate forms or case data forms. The following new question types will allow for a more in-depth evaluation of Candidates:
    • Date Questions
    • Number Questions
    • Drop Down Questions
    • Rating Questions

About Committee Forms

Different types of forms

Form Type Description
Committee These allow a Unit Administrator to present Committee Managers, Committee Members, and individual reviewers with an online form to fill out when a case is at their step in the workflow.
Candidate While committee forms and case data forms are completed by the institution, these are presented to the candidate to fill out as part of their case.
Case Data These allow a Unit Administrator to fill out an online form that is attached to a case but is outside of that case's workflow. For any given case, only someone who is a Unit Administrator or Case Manager for that case can access the contents of a case data form.


Role Abilities
Unit Administrator
  • Create a form at their unit or below
  • View any form created at their unit, above or below
  • Edit any form created at their unit or below
  • Delete any form at their unit or below
  • Add required committee forms to be completed as part of the work for a committee
  • Indicate who can complete and view a form
  • Bypass a form requirement to allow a case to move to the next step
  • Run reports on forms responses within their unit and below
Committee Manager & Member
  • Complete a form
  • View responses they have made in a form (after submitting their own)
  • View responses of others on their committee (if permissions allow)

Other information

Rules for Editing

When a user edits a form or form question that already has recorded responses, they will see an alert that people have responded to the form previously. Any changes should not override previously completed forms, it should only affect new instances of the form.



Unit Administrators, Case Managers, and Committee Managers will have specific access, both to a form and its responses. For a given case, only Committee Members (including Managers) and Unit Administrators will have access to filling out a form associated with the case.



Unit Administrators set who can fill out and submit a committee form when assigning that form to a committee or reviewer via a field called Who fills out the form. There are two available options, Only Committee Manager(s) or All Committee Members.


Response Visibility

Role access to committee form responses is based on the "response visibility" setting, which is set when assigning a form as a committee requirement. The available responses visibility options are:

  • Administrators only
  • Administrators & Committee Managers
  • Administrators & Entire Committee


Can questions be edited after saving?

Yes, unlike Candidate forms and Case Data forms, Committee Form questions are editable. Once a question has been created it may be revised.


Can a Unit Administrator, Case Manager, or Committee Manager complete a form on behalf of a committee member?

No. The form must be completed by the person it was assigned to.


What happens to committee form responses when a case is moved backward?

As with documents, when a case is moved backwards the completed forms should be present in the case but respect the visibility settings that were selected at the applicable step.


Do numerical question types allow for decimal responses?

Yes, responses with decimals are permitted.


How do you assign a form to specific Committee Managers/members without assigning it to everyone with that role?

Assign the form to the Committee Managers or Committee Members, then omit the requirement for other individuals from Manage Respondents.


Are there character limits for question responses?

Yes. The chart below indicates the character limits for responses:

Question Type Response Character Limit
Short Answer 300 characters
Text 10,000 characters
“Other” (checkboxes, single select, dropdown 300 characters
Date Questions N/A: Should be in date/time format
Comments (rating) 10,000 characters
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