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Committee Forms Use Cases

To provide a model for how your institution can best use committee forms, we have prepared the following use cases drawn from real world examples of how clients are using the committee forms tool.

Note: Please see the article About Committee Forms and our Committee Forms FAQ for more detailed information on committee forms.

Voting in the Committee Forms Tool

The following example demonstrates how to set up a form to allow your committee members to vote through the committee forms tool.

The form can then be used to record the results of the committee vote before the case is forwarded to another stage in the review process.

Set up "Number" questions to record the results of the vote

Set up the Form Details with a name for the form, select a unit, and enter a description.

Select "Add Question" and select "Number" as the question type as shown below.

We suggest also adding a "Text: Paragraph" question labeled "Review Notes" to allow respondents to record notes.

For the question, enter text such as "Number of Yes Votes," with another option for "Number of No Votes," and another for "Number of Abstentions."

When answering the form, the respondent should enter the appropriate numeric value.


Case Information Request Form

Use this form to capture details of the review case such as current title, rank, series and proposed title, rank, and series.

Create Required Fields

The terminology at your institution may vary, but we suggest the following fields or their equivalent (Question Type in parentheses):

  • School (Drop Down)
  • Proposed Rank (Text: Short Answer)
  • Appointment Start Date (Date)
  • Appointment End Date (Date)
  • Salary Level (Text: Short Answer or Drop Down)

For School: enter the organizational units at your institution as response options as shown below.

For the start and end date questions, select Date as the Question Type and select Date as the response option as shown below:

Optional Fields

You can also include the following optional fields that you can suggest or even require for respondents depending on the type of case being reviewed and school practices.

  • Mandatory Review Year (Text: Short Answer)
  • Probation Start Date (Date)
  • Tenure Status (Drop Down)
  • Other institutional affiliations, for example, hospitals etc (Check Bok)
  • Current Rank (Drop Down)
  • Secondary schools/departments (Text: Short Answer)
  • Request Notes (Text: Paragraph)

Committee Member Evaluation Form

Previously, department chairs, deans or committee members would upload a document reflecting their evaluation of a case. Now, administrators can create a form to capture that same information.

We recommend creating a "Single Select " Question Type.

Example Question: Please provide your final recommendation:

Response Options:

  • Option 1: Recommend
  • Option 2: Deny
  • Option 3: Defer

We also recommend adding a Text: Paragraph question to record committee member notes: