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Set Up Guidelines to Help Your Users Prepare for Upcoming Reviews

Unit Administrators of Institutions that subscribe to Dossier can establish Guidelines to help Dossier users at their institution prepare for upcoming reviews. Guidelines are automatically created when candidate instructions, packet requirements, and form requirements are added to a template. When completing the template, you are given the option to make these requirements visible to Dossier users as guidelines. Each individual Dossier user can then view, search for, and save the institutional guidelines established for a particular academic review process from within their Dossier. When preparing for a review using the guidelines feature, users can automatically assemble collections of materials that meet the requirements of the review. When the time comes for the actual review, users can easily transfer the materials from the collection over to the official review packet.


Guidelines are automatically created when you add candidate instructions, packet requirements, and form requirements to a template.


Check out this article on how to Use Guidelines From Your Institution to Prepare for Reviews for more information on this workflow.


Add Instructions and Requirements to template

1. Navigate to Template Summary under Templates

Navigation: Templates > Edit Template > Template Summary

  1. Click Templates under Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) on the navigation menu.
    Review, Promotion & Tenure section with Templates selected
  2. Select Edit Template under the Options dropdown adjacent to the desired template.
    Options dropdown with Edit Template selected
  3. Click Template Summary under the Creating a Template section.

2. Enable Dossier Visibility

  1. Click the Enable Dossier Visibility button under the Dossier Visibility section.
    Dossier Visibility section with Enable Dossier Visibility button
    • The Preview button can be clicked to see how the guidelines will appear to Dossier users at the institution.
    • Dossier Visibility can be disabled from this screen as well.