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Duplicate a Template in Review, Promotion and Tenure

The below steps outline the process to create a copy of an existing template. Duplicating a template allows unit-level administrators the ability to repurpose a template that’s already been configured by the institution or their parent unit. This process also allows users to add unit level standing committees to the template. This functionality is useful to unit-level administrators as it eliminates redundant work while allowing units to customize the workflows and requirements unique to their review processes while respecting the requirements of the parent unit.

We have provided a video overview of the process of duplicating a template in RPT, and written out the steps to follow below.

Duplicating a template:

To duplicate a template you must do the following.

  1. Choose Templates from the Interfolio home page
  2. Locate the template you would like to duplicate, choose Options, then Create a Duplicate

  1. Enter in the Template Information for the new template
    1. Choose the unit that you are creating the template. This will be the unit the template will be housed under
    2. Update the title of the template to include the unit name for which the template will be used. It’s recommended that you be as descriptive as possible when naming the template.
    3. Select Save and continue

You should review each section of the template to make any necessary changes from the parent template your are duplicating from. See more information about each section here: Create a Template To Use as a Starting Point for New Cases


Revising an Existing Case Review Step to add unit Specific Committee (Example: Department Committee):

When duplicating a template it may be necessary to update the committee at a given step in order to eliminate the Committee that was assigned by the parent unit when the template was created.

 In order to update an existing review step/Committee you must do the following:

If your institution uses academic levels to manage access to cases (in bulk), see this article on how to Use Academic Levels to Manage Access to Cases. and this article on how to Manage Academic Levels for finer control of administrator and manager access to cases.

  1. From the Case Review Steps page choose the step you wish to revise and by selecting Edit

  1. Select Add Committee to add a new committee to the review step.

  1. Choose the appropriate Standing Committee from the dropdown list

  1. Once the correct committee has been added to the Case Review Step you may add Instructions, Required Documents and/or Required Forms

  1. Now that you have added the appropriate committee, you may remove the placeholder committee(s) from the Case Review Step by selecting Options, then Remove.

  1. Return to the Case Review Steps page to review the workflow steps. Repeat the above process as for any additional unit committees (those that are not at the Campus Level) as necessary.
  2. Select Continue to proceed to the Template Summary page.
  3. Your template will now appear on the Template List page for use. You may now initiate cases specific to your unit (department)