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Create a Case When the Candidate Does Not Have an Institutional Email Address

We know there may be occasional situations where you need to create a case, but the candidate themselves is not a user of Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure at the time of case creation.

(For example, you may need to run an appointment case for a newly hired faculty member who has not yet been given an institutional email address.)

While the Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure case creation process is intentionally designed to draw upon your permanent user list, you will still be able to create cases in this scenario.

Please follow the recommended steps below to create a case when the candidate does not have an institutional email address.

1. Add Candidate

Whenever you are creating a case you will be prompted to add the user before you create the case. If the case is for a user that is not in your user list, yo will need to click Create User in the Search for a Candidate drop down.

On the “Users & Groups” page , click to Add User

To do this, the system will take you to “Users & Groups" where you will need to click the Add User button.

2. Add the user with their current personal/professional email address

If you are creating a case for a user that is not part of your institution (such as an appointment action), we recommend that you add the user with their current personal/professional email address.

If you anticipate the candidate needing to interact with their case or the Interfolio platform, you can uncheck the box requiring the user to be verified via Single Sign-On (SSO).

3. If the user will not be involved in their case, please select “No” when prompted


You can see this article for more information FAQ: Candidate Involvement in Cases/

4. If the user does become part of your institution later, you can edit their user information at that time to reflect their institutional credentials (name, email, SSO ID).**

5. What to do if you wind up with two user profiles for the same person:

If the user is added already and now you have two user profiles for the same person, please email with the information for both users so that we can merge the two accounts. Please be sure to note which user details should be primary (in most cases, the user profile with institutional credentials will be the primary user).