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Fill out the Profile Form

The Profile Form in Faculty Activity Reporting (FAR, Faculty180) is used by faculty members to input personal data that tends to remain static over time, such as contact information, degrees, credentials, and work experience. Faculty members can update their profile at any time, if allowed by an institution. Faculty members are also reminded on a regular basis to review their profile to make sure it is current. These reminders are displayed in the Action Items section on the Dashboard. Faculty members can attach transcripts to their degrees in the Degrees section on the Profile Form. The transcripts can then be viewed and deleted as necessary. Administrators can also attach official transcripts to faculty degrees. However, the transcripts are only viewable in limited circumstances as determined by the institution, such as during the use of accreditation reports.


Faculty members cannot delete transcripts that have been attached to a degree by an administrator unless the faculty member has administrative rights. If the institution wants to upload transcripts for the Degrees section on the Profile Form, please contact Interfolio.


Some sections in the Profile Form are filled in automatically based on information in other forms in FAR. For any questions about permissions or abilities to edit this information, please reach out to the FAR administrator at your institution.


Update Profile Form

1. Navigate to the desired profile section under Profile

Navigation: Profile > Section Title

  1. Click Profile on the navigation menu.
    Faculty Activity Reporting section with Profile selected
  2. Click the section title (such as, Personal Information, Contact Information, Current Position, and more) to expand the section desired to make changes to.

2. Make changes

  1. Click the Edit button within the section desired to change or add information to.
  2. Make the desired changes.
  3. Click Save when finished.

Example data for form fields

Personal Information

Name, gender, race, nationality, and biography.

First Name: Jane

Middle Initial: C.

Last Name: Doe

Suffix: Jr., Sr., etc.

Honorific: Dr., PhD, MD, MSW, etc

Preferred Name Locked: Yes/No

If "Mark as Preferred Name" is checked, the name entered in the first, middle, and last name fields will not update or be overwritten upon new data loads.


Gender: (In your own words what is your gender identity?)

Race / Ethnicity: (In your own words what is your race and or ethnicity?)

Country of Origin: France

Languages: French, English


Contact Information

Office location, phone, email, address.

Office Number: 100

Office Building: Webster Hall

Street 1: 321 Beno Circle

Street 2:

City: Richmond

State or Province: Virginia

Country: United States

Zip / Postal Code: 23221

Email Address:

Secondary Email:


Work Phone: (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Home Phone: (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Cell Phone: (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Pager: (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Department Phone: (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Fax Number: (xxx)xxx-xxxx

Emergency Contact: (Name of contact)

Emergency Contact Phone: (xxx)xxx-xxxx


Current Position

Academic/administrative title, academic rank, tenure status.

Current Academic Rank: Professor

Position Title: Professor Emerita of Music Studies



Completed formal education that has resulted in a degree, and degrees in progress.

Degree: B.A., M.A.,PhD., etc.

Discipline: Music

Year: (year conferred/ in progress)

Institution: (Name of granting institution); University of Interfolio etc.

Highest Degree Earned: (is this degree the highest degree yu have earned?) Yes/No



Course(s) and area(s) within the discipline of significant interest and/or expertise.

Teaching Interests: African-American music, Renaissance music, spirituals, folk songs, choral works, symphonies, classical piano

Research Interests: African-American folk music and music history, Renaissance history


Professional Licensure and Certifications

License granted by state regulatory body (e.g., license to practice law), and certification indicating a specific set of knowledge or abilities (e.g., certification in the computer industry).

Title: Music Teacher Certification

Organization: (Conferring organization); National Association for Music Education

Year: (Year conferred)



Honor, award, scholarship, etc.

Title: (Award title), for example: Alumni Achievement Award

Year: (year conferred), 2010

Organization: University of Chicago


Work Experience

Academic and professional position held-including current academic position.

Position: Assistant Professor of Music

Organization: Brooklyn College of the City University of New York

Years: (1994-1998)



Formal membership with professional/academic or community/civic organizations. Do not list service or office held within professional/academic organization here; enter instead as Professional Service in the Workload Form. Do not list service or office held within community/civic organization here; enter instead as Community Service in the Workload Form.

Organization: Black American Music Association

Years: 1970-Ongoing



An acclaimed pianist, scholar, and expert on the history of African-American music, Eileen Southern is credited with documenting and preserving musical traditions that had been all but ignored by the academic world. At a time when many people thought that jazz and blues was all there was to African-American music, Southern showed that, from the early 1600s, black people in America created a richly diverse body of music ranging from spirituals and folks songs to choral works and symphonies.



What is the Profile Form?

The Profile Form contains mostly static data that does not change that often. Contact information, interests, degrees, work experience, and honors are among the common types of data collected. The Profile Form will not need to be updated as often as the workload form.


How can I view my official transcripts?

To view official transcripts that have been uploaded by your institution, click Profile on the Faculty menu, then click the Degrees section. Click the Edit icon for the desired degree, then click the View icon adjacent to the transcript file in the Attachments section. Faculty members can also attach transcripts to their degrees.


The Current Academic Rank listed on my Profile Form is incorrect. What should I do?

If any of the auto-loaded information on your Profile Form is incorrect, please contact the FAR administrator at your institution.


How do I correct my information in the Profile Form area?

To make changes on the Profile Form, simply click Profile on the Faculty menu, then click the desired section.