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Overview of Interfolio's Homepage

After logging in, and choosing an institutional account, users will see the Interfolio Homepage. The navigation bar options will vary depending on their permissions and Interfolio products used by the institution. The Interfolio homepage for institutions is the central place for faculty members within Interfolio, no matter what product they use.


Homepage Overview

Navigation bar on the left-hand side with My Tasks in the center of the page and search bar in the upper right-hand corner

My Tasks Section

The My Tasks section displays a list of read and unread tasks that need attention with links to those tasks. This includes the title and due date (for tasks with a due date).


Please note the following features:

  • The number of all read and unread tasks will display at the top of the page.
  • The Search bar allows users to search through tasks by keyword.
  • The most recent tasks will display on the homepage. Title, and Due Date (if a due date exists) will display.
  • Click View All at the bottom of the My Tasks list to see the expanded list of tasks.