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Create and Define Events

Once you have created a rank, you can edit the rank to add the events that make up the timeline for the rank.

1. Navigate to the "Faculty Series" page


2. Locate the series you want to edit


3. Click "Edit" to the right hand side of the table, under the "Actions" column to edit the rank


4. Click "Add Event"

On the Edit Rank page, scroll down to Events, and click Add Event.


5. Indicate whether or not this event will happen in Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure

This section will not apply until the integration with RPT is launched later in 2021. This will only appear for institutions who are also RPT clients.


6. Give the event a name


7. Select the event type from the drop down list


8. Indicate in which year and at what month the event will occur

You will first enter a year, for example, if this event occurs during the first year, enter '1' in the 'Year' field. You will then select the month during the indicated year when this event takes place at the institution, (e.g Year 1 in May, Year 5 in July).


9. Click "Save" and you will see the event you created represented in a preview


10. Continue to add events until you have created the entire sequence of events that make up the timeline for the rank as shown below:


FAQ: Events/ Rank Events

How do I indicate months and years in the template Rank Events data model?

The year must be the year the events takes place and the event month is between 1 and 12. For an event occurring in the first year of August the event year would be 1 and the event month would be 8.

Can a different month be used with the same year for an event?

Yes. In fact, you cannot have an event with the same year and month within the same Professional Journey.

What makes an event "current" and green? What is the timeframe for "current"?

A user needs to manually start the event in order for it to be current. At this time, Lifecycle Management does not auto-start events.

Can we load past events with whatever dates that we want?

No. When loading a past event the appointment start date should align with the hire date and start date of the current appointments.


Best Practice: Events/ Rank Events

General Best Practices for Rank Events

  1. Each rank is "independent of others"
  2. When putting events in for a rank, all the events should mark the time in that particular rank.
  3. Each rank should start with an Appointment event.

When should you start an Event in Lifecycle Management?

For a review, it's recommended that you start the event at the start of the review period. This date will default to the first of the month.