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Create and Define Series

When setting up Lifecycle Management, you will need to add the series your institution usesbefore you can add anything else. Series are groupings of faculty ranks within a broader position category.

Just a few plausible examples:

  • A Lecturer series containing all of the specific lecturer ranks (schools often have a progression or variations on a rank)
  • A Tenure-Track Professor series containing all of the specific, standard ranks along the tenure track (Assistant Professor; Associate Professor; Professor; Distinguished Professor)
  • A Clinical Faculty series containing all of the specific ranks that clinical faculty in a medical school might have

Depending on how you organize your faculty, you may have any number of series in your institution’s set-up.

When creating a series you can:

  • Give it a name
  • Associate it with a unit
  • Indicate if it’s tenure-track or non-tenure track

Note that a series may incorporate ranks that do not ‘connect’ with one another on a professional journey, however, you cannot connect ranks that are not in the same series.

Unlike an academic journey, a series does not include logic for movement from one rank to another. It is just a grouping.

This article explains how to create a series.

Select "Series" from the left hand navigation bar

Click "Create Series" at the top right of the screen

Enter a name for the series

Select the unit for which you are creating the series

Indicate whether or not the ranks in this series are Tenure-Track or Non-Tenure Track

Click "Save" in the left corner

Your series will then appear listed on the Faculty Series page

Edit series

To edit the series, click the Edit button to the right of the page.