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Plan and Define Professional Journeys

Lifecycle Management includes a tool for connecting ranks made up of events, to form a series that can map out a professional journey as illustrated below.

1. To create a professional journey, navigate to the Faculty Series page


2. Open the "Professional Journey(s)" tab

Locate the series to which you want to add a professional journey, and click to open the Professional Journey(s) tab.


3. Click "Add Journey"


4. Add a title for the journey


5. Add a description for the journey


This description is limited to 255 characters.


6. Under "Connect Ranks" click "Add Rank"

You can create connections of ranks to upcoming events that make up a professional journey. Under Connect Ranks, click Add Rank to select from the ranks available in the series.


7. Select the rank from the drop down list and click "Add"


8. Reorder ranks

After you've selected your ranks, reorder them sequentially to create connections for upcoming events. Click-n-drag the ranks to change the order.


9. Click to save

Click the Save button at the bottom left of the page.


10. View Journey

The professional journey will display with all the events mapped out and connected from rank to rank.


FAQ: Professional Journeys

When building a Professional Journey what year should each rank begin?

Treat each rank as independent/stand alone. So, the appointment at the next rank would occur at year 1, which will allow you to accommodate if someone is hired in at that higher rank. In that case, the system will automatically place them at the appropriate rank.

How could you treat someone that starts as an Associate without Tenure?

You could revise the faculty member's journey manually (editing specific event details as needed) and appointment notes, and even the title (some schools may appoint faculty as 'Associate Professor without Tenure' as their title in the system).

This is not a faculty-facing system, so the use of these additional title or detail fields can be descriptive without as much worry about perception by the faculty member. The award of tenure could also be an additional event added to the individual faculty member's journey.

What if someone moved from an adjunct role to an Assistant Professor position?

The individual would get a second appointment record for the new series. The system would then display the previous appointment. The additional events in the original journey could be deleted manually from the timeline.

Can you have two active events in the same journey?

Yes, a faculty member can have two events in progress at the same time. These events would appear in green on the faculty member's journey.

Can someone have multiple journeys at once?

Yes, users can have multiple journeys, and these journeys can also be within the same series.

Can you load a faculty member to a Journey without events?

Yes, you can add a faculty member to a Rank (with associated Journey) that does not contain events.