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Edit Case Review Steps

Case Review Steps can be edited by administrators on existing cases or on a template in order to make changes to committees, administrator access, and committee requirements. This article explains how to access and manage the details of a case review step.

Navigating to the relevant Case Review Step

  1. Open the existing case or template to edit the applicable case review step
    • To open an existing case:
      • Navigate to the Cases page,
      • Click on the name of the candidate in the list of cases
      • Click "Case Options", then "Edit Case"
      • Select "Case Review Steps" from the Creating a Case menu
    • To open a template:
      • Navigate to the Templates page
      • Click on the name of the template that needs to be edited
      • Select "Case Review Steps" from the Creating a Template menu
  2. Find the case review step that needs to be modified and click "Edit" to arrive at the Edit Details page, which includes step details, administrator access, and committee assignments/details

Step Details

Step Details controls the name and due date for the step. Click Edit Step Details to edit this information.


Administrator Management

Details on the number of  administrators with access to the case at the step are displayed next to the Step Details box. To manage administrator recusals, click "Manage".

To recuse an administrator, click the "no" symbol. A confirmation window will appear to validate the action.

Once an administrator has been recused, there will be a "+" icon where the "no" symbol was previously. Administrators can be given access again by clicking the "+".


Committee Management

Add or Remove a Committee


Many institutions may include a placeholder committee on their template, then go back in to add the committee details once the case is created. To replace a standing committee that has already been added to a step, a new committee should be added first, then the placeholder can be removed.

Add a Committee:

  1. Click Add Committee to a add a committee to the step.
  2. Select the appropriate committee type (Standing Committee, Ad Hoc Committee, or Individual User)
  3. Click Add

See here for more information on the different committee types.

Remove a Committee:

  1. Click "Options"
  2. Select "Remove"

Please note that there must be at least one committee added to the Case Review Step at all times. If there is only one committee on the step, it will not be able to be removed until a new committee is added.

If transferring committee instructions or required documents/forms from a placeholder to a new committee, it is advisable to get the new committee entirely set up with all of the above information prior to removing the placeholder.

Manage Committee Members


Temporary changes for Standing Committees can only be made on existing cases, not on templates. Global changes to Standing Committee membership must be made from the Users & Groups page. See here for more information.

  • Click Add Members to add users to an Ad Hoc Committee (or add a temporary member to a Standing Committee)
  • Click the star icon make a member a committee manager
  • Click the "no" symbol recuse a committee member from a standing committee or the "X" icon to remove a member from an Ad Hoc committee


While most actions (such as adding or recusing a committee member) are specific to the case being worked on, committee management assignments are global and will take place on all cases using the same Standing Committee.

If the user should only be a committee manager on one specific case/step, the best process is to add a separate Ad Hoc committee with the appropriate user and assign the manager role from there.


Add Instructions

Open the Instructions tab and click Edit Instructions to add instructions for the committee.


Required Documents

Open the Required Documents tab and click Add Required Document, thenenter the title and description of documents that need to be completed by this committee before the case can move to the next step.


Required Forms

Open the Required Forms tab and click to Add Required Form, then enter information for all required fields:

  • Form Name: Select a committee form from the drop down
  • Internal Section for Responses: Select the section the response should show in once the form is submitted
  • Response Visibility: Indicate whether the form will be accessible by
    • Administrators Only
    • Administrators & Committee Managers
    • Administrators & Entire Committee
  • Who submits the form?
    • Only Committee Managers
    • All Committee Members



Open the Settings tab and click the Edit Settings button, then indicate whether or not the committee can move the case forward or backward