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Run an EEO or Custom Form Report

Administrators, Committee Managers and EEO Officers in Interfolio Faculty Search can generate a Forms Report that provides a visual representation of data collected from EEO questionnaires and custom application forms. The report data can be displayed onscreen or downloaded as a .csv file for use in spreadsheet programs.

Access to EEO form reports is restricted accordingly to those with partial or full access to EEO information at your institution. Any Committee Manager, Administrator, or EEO Officer can view a summary of data collected with EEO forms for the units or positions to which they have access. EEO Officers and Administrators who are granted full EEO access can view a report of detailed applicant responses to EEO forms. Committee Managers cannot view or pull a report on individual responses to EEO forms.


Consider the following the scenario:

  1. A user with Institutional Administrator rights creates a report that contains common applicant information (First Name, Last Name, etc.) as well as more sensitive information (individual EEO responses), then saves the report and chooses to share.
  2. A unit Administrator from lower unit in the hierarchy (e.g. Department of Economics) accesses Reports.
  3. They will see the saved report in the list of available saved reports. When clicked:
    • All data from other units outside their purview will be excluded.
    • All EEO responses will be excluded
    • Common information that they could normally access (Applicant Names, e.g.) would be listed only for searches that were in their purview(conducted at their unit or related sub-units in the hierarchy.)

Navigate to the Form Report 

  1. Select Reports from the navigation menu.

  2. Select the Form Report tab.

Filter, View, and Download the Report

  1. Select the unit, position(s), and form for the report.
  2. Select View Report to view the data online, or Download (CSV) to download the data in a spreadsheet file.

Link to Report

When the report displays, select Report Link to open or bookmark a permanent link to the report, or you can copy and paste a link to share the report.


Response Summary Report

The "Response Summary" report is available to any Committee Manager, Administrator or EEO Officer with access to a position or the unit in which that position resides.

The "Response Summary" provides a summary, detailed category view, and overview of the applicant pool responding to EEO forms.  Results can be displayed onscreen or downloaded via .csv file. Both will display your questions & responses, along with a break down of the number of responses and response percentage for each answer value.

To view the response summary reports, 

  1. Select View Report, then Response Summary

Detailed Applicant Responses

The Detailed Applicant Response report will display the applicant's name and responses to each of the questions included in your form. Results can be displayed onscreen or downloaded via .csv file.

To view a detailed Applicant Responses report,

  1. Select View Report, then Detailed Applicant Responses.

Form Reports for EEO Forms

If you select an EEO form, and you are an EEO Officer or Administrator with EEO access, you can choose to view a "Response Summary" or "Detailed Applicant Responses" to the form.

The Detailed Applicant Response report is available only to EEO Officers or Administrators who have specifically been granted complete EEO access. Committee Managers are not able to pull this type of report under any circumstance.  Results can be displayed onscreen or downloaded via .csv file. Both will display the applicant's name and responses to each of the questions included in your EEO form.

Note: This option will not appear for Committee Managers or Administrators who do not have access to EEO information.