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RPT Release Notes: 2022.08.30

This article records the most recent product changes. 



Fixed - Packet files added using "Choose from existing" option in packet appear to committee without submission:

Fixed issue happening when an RPT candidate with a previously submitted packet section is unlocked, then the section was edited by removing a candidate document and clicking Add file > Choose from existing, the changes were displayed instantly without re-submission of the section. Now, no updates are made pre-submission regardless of whether material is added from a candidate's Dossier or as a new file.


Fixed - Users not returned when searching for users by role: 

When an RPT admin is searching for users by role and is searching for Case Managers or Template Administrators, they now see users with those roles in the list as expected.


Added - RPT: candidate packet submission deadlines:

Resolved performance issues on reports such as slowness and unresponsiveness when hovering over and clicking filter checkboxes, selection/de-selection of column options, and issues with the pagination selection features. Administrators in Review, Promotion, and Tenure can now set hard or soft deadlines for packet submission. In the past, Admins could set a due date for when a packet is meant to be submitted, but this "deadline" for submission of a packet was simply cosmetic and allowed candidates to submit after the set "deadline."

We have added a toggle on the admin page and templates that allow for the option to make the deadline hard or soft. Setting it at the admin level will make it the default for a unit on templates, but that can be changed at the template level on a case-by-case (or template-by-template as it were) basis. On cases, this setting is read-only. Due dates will continue to be customizable at the case level. We are also allowing for due date input during the bulk case creation process.


Soft Deadline: Candidates can submit past the deadline, which moves the case to step 1.


Hard Deadline: Candidates cannot submit past the deadline. Once the deadline passes, the packet is locked and the case automatically moves forward to step 1 of the review.

  • An administrator or defined roles will receive a notification about automatic submissions when a hard deadline is reached.
  • Updates to the activity log to show:
    • locking/unlocking of packet sections
    • automatic submission due to hard deadline passing
  • Reports
    • Two new columns appear in the Case Information report for Deadline Type and Last submitted date.


Added - RPT Custom Email Domains: 

We have added the ability to set all emails coming from Interfolio to a custom domain. 



Before: All emails from Interfolio came from (or Emails do have a white label for the sender name and reply-to email address but technically come from the above underlying email address. Clients wanted a way to set all emails coming from Interfolio (as a vendor) to their domain in order to prevent bounces or having them blocked by their email security system.



Now: We added an attribute in RPT that will allow a single (one) email address that will be used instead of our standard email address for all outbound emails. There is no front-end for this feature. It will require engineering to create a task to assign the email the client wants. Only one email address for the tenant. All outbound emails will use that address (while continuing to support white-labeling of the sender name and reply-to email address from the sender). If branding is not set, we will use our email address as the default.



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