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Faculty Activity Reporting/ IDS Release Notes 2022.01.20

This article records the most recent product changes.

Improved - IDS In-program language for consistency and clarity:

Changes were made to the language on the Home page, Completed, Found, and Deleted tabs. Some examples of the verbiage changes include: 

  • Home page
    • “Matched records” to “Matched Activities"
    • “Need your review” changes to “Activities Need Review”
  • Completed tab
    • “Completed” to “Accepted”
    • “Edit this record” to “Edit Activity”
  • Found tab
    • “Found” to “Need Review”
    • In the panel: “Save” to “Accept Activity”
  • Deleted Tab
    • Panel Button: “Restore Record” to “Restore Activity”
    • Restore dialogue: “Record“ to “Activity“