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Generate and Download Reports

Administrators can run and save customized Case Information reports, reports on form data, and reports on voting results. This article explains how to generate, customize, download and save reports in Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure.

Select "Reports" from the left hand navigation

Select the type of report you want to run; "Case Information," "Forms," or "Voting Results"

"Case Information" Reports

Case Information reports allow you to create customized reports to gather data on customized criteria for one or more packets (cases) within one or more units for a specified date range.


You can think of Case Information reports as a list of all the cases at your institution. As you apply filters, the list of cases is narrowed to include only the filters you apply.

1. To run a Case Information report, start by selecting the filters you want to use. As you add filters, the results will appear in the list.

Customize the columns displayed in your report

You can also choose which columns will display in your report. There are default columns you can uncheck, and a list of available columns you can add.

Click the "Columns" button to the right of the page and select the columns you want to display.


You can even add the answers to form questions as columns in the report.

Save your reports

Click "Save" and enter a name to save a report. This will save the filters and columns of the currently displayed report so you can reload them later.

Click "Saved Reports" to reload the results of a saved report.

Download your reports

Click "Download CSV" to download the report results in a file that can be loaded into spreadsheet program.


"Forms" Reports

You can run a report on form responses for one or more packets in one or more units within a specified date range.

Open the "Forms" tab on the Reports & Logs page

Select the forms for which you want to run a report from the dropdown menu

Select the unit on which you want to report

You can check the box for "All Units" or select specific unit(s) from the dropdown list.

Select the date range

Check the box for "Any Date," or enter a specific date range on which to report.

Select the packets (cases) on which to report

Check the box for "All Cases" or select specific cases from the dropdown list.

Click "View Report" to see the results in your browser, or "Download (CSV)" to download a spreadsheet of the report


"Voting Results" Reports

The "Voting Results" report lists the results for all committees voting on a particular case in a particular unit.

Open the "Voting Results" tab on the Reports & Logs page

Select the unit

Select the packet

Click "View Report"

Voting results for committees hearing the case are displayed


The names of voting members display, but the names of committee members are not associated with the votes they cast.