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Run an Applications Report

Applications Reports allow Administrators and Committee Managers to pick and choose from an extensive list of applicant data fields to create a customized report, which can be viewed onscreen, saved, recalled, and downloaded as a CSV file. Applications Reports are created by applying a customizable set of filters to sort applications along many possible data points. As filters are applied, the applications meeting the criteria are displayed.


If you are an EEO Officer or Administrator with access to EEO information, check out this article on how to Run Advanced EEO/Diversity Reports in Faculty Search for more information. 


Run Applications Report

1. Navigate to Applications Report under Reports

Navigation: Reports > Applications Report

  1. Select Reports from the navigation bar.
    Reports selected on the navigation bar
  2. Ensure the Applications Report tab is selected on the Reports page.
    Applications Report tab selected

2. Select a set of filters

By default users can filter by unit, status, degree, tags, name, application ratings, completeness, selected or rejected applicants, archived or withdrawn applications, date of final submission, date of first submission, and responses to form questions


Select the desired filters from this page.
Filters tab showing list of possible filters below report tabs

Filter by Form Responses

1. Select Filter by Form Responses. This will open a window to select the form, question, and response to use to filter the list.
Filter by Form Responses button selected

2. Select the Form, Question, and Response from the dropdown list.
Filter by Form Responses section with Form dropdown and Question, and Response fields above a Done button

3. Click Add to add the response to the filter.

4. Click Done to activate the filter.

Note that multiple form responses can be added to filter the list.


3. Add custom columns of information

  1. Click the Columns button that appears to the right of the page.
    Columns button selected adjacent to Saved Reports button
  2. Select the desired column information.

    The default columns that will display are applicant name, date updated, tags, and overall average rating (if enabled). Columns can be added for complete status, date submitted, highest degree earned, highest degree date, and overall ratings.


      Note that the default columns can be restored at any time.

  3. Click Apply when finished.

4. View and/or download the results

Once filters are selected, click View Report at the bottom of the page when finished to view emails, or click Download CSV at the bottom of the page when finished to view a spreadsheet of the results.


5. Return to the saved report

Click Saved Views to the right of the page to recall the saved view of the list.

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