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Configure Profile Report

The Profile Report provides reporting on each section in the Profile form, such as personal information, work experience, degrees, professional licensures and certifications, memberships, honors, interests, biographies, and more. The Profile Report can be run to provide answers to such questions as:

  • How many degrees does a particular faculty member have and what are the disciplines?
  • For a specific college, which full-time faculty holds the Academic Rank of Adjunct Faculty, Associate Professor, Professor, etc.?

Profile Report


Report access is based upon a user's permissions. For example, a provost might have permission to access all reports at the university level and below, while deans might only have access to reports for their colleges.


1. Navigate to Profile Report under Reports

Navigation: Administration > Reports > Profile Report

  1. Navigate to Reports under the Administration section of the navigation menu. 
    Administration section with Reports highlighted
  2. Click Profile Report under the Activity Reports section.
    Activity Reports section with Profile Report underlined

2. Fill out information

  1. Select the appropriate Profile section from the Activity dropdown. This will select the data to include in the report.
    Reports section with the dropdown shown adjacent to the Activity row
  2. Click the Select Faculty button to use the faculty selection tool to select faculty to include in the report.
    Select Faculty Button selected below the Faculty box
  3. Select filters on the Select Faculty dialog box that appears.Select Faculty dialog box with standard filters displayed
  4. Click the Select Faculty button at the bottom of the dialog box when finished.
  5. Click Build Report.

Sort Data

Click the desired column heading of the report to sort the data by a particular column.



Click the Actions button at the top of the page to view a dropdown of actions. Click the desired action to Print Page, Export to Word, Export to Excel, or Export to PDF.
Actions dropdown selected adjacent to Quicklinks

Note that sorting the data applies only to the display the sort will not be reflected in the export options. If a different sort order is desired, the data should be exported to Excel, where the sort order can then be modified.


Create a Quicklink

Click the Quicklinks button at the page to view a dropdown of options. Click Add This Page as a Quicklink.
Quicklinks selected wtih Add This page as a quicklink selected from the dropdown



  1. Click the Edit (pencil) icon to edit the profile data for a specific faculty member. The faculty member will now be emulated.
         - In emulation mode, changes can be made to the faculty member's record in real time.
  2. Click Exit Emulation in the upper righthand corner of the screen to return to the report screen.

Add Filter

  1. Select the Activity Classification from the drop down and specify the criteria for the classification.
  2. Click Apply  when finished.

Note that the option to select an Activity Classification is only available if there are activity classifications in that section.

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