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Create a List of Case Statuses for Your Institution

Institutional Administrators can create, reorder, update and delete a set of color-coded statuses to be used by an institution. Statuses are created and managed from the Administration Settings page. Statuses can only be set at the highest level of an institutional hierarchy and once created they can be applied to any case created by the institution or any of its lower units (schools, departments, etc.). Administrators and Committee Managers can apply and remove these statuses on the individual case page of a candidate. Note that statuses can also be created at a case level and applied to a particular case by Committee Managers or Administrators, but such statuses are only available for the case for which they are created, and are not available across an institution.

Log in to Interfolio and navigate to your institutional account


You may need to open the account switcher in the right hand user menu and select to switch to your institutional account.

Select "Administration" under the Review, Promotion and Tenure tab of the left hand navigation menu

Select the "Statuses" tab on the Administration Settings page

Click "Add Status"

If someone has already added statuses to the program, they will appear here. If no statuses have been created you will see a message to that effect. In any case, you will need to click "Add Status" to add a new one.

Enter the name of the status you want to create

Select the color you want to associate with the status and click "Done"

The new status will appear on the Application Settings page, and can now be applied to cases

Click the blue pencil to edit the name or color of a status

To reorder the list, hover over a status and drag and drop to change its order in the list

The order you set here will show up in the dropdown list of statuses when a user goes to apply a status to a case.

Applying statuses:

Administrators or Committee Managers can apply these statuses to the case page of a candidate.

Click to open the case you want to change

Click "Change" next to the current status, at the top of the candidate's case page

Note that if a status has already been applied to a case,  the current status will appear.

Select a status from the list or add a custom status

The new status will appear on the upper right corner of the Case page

Statuses also display in the list of cases to which you have access