Sharing Reports That Include EEO Information in Faculty Search

When a Faculty Search admin creates and shares a report that includes EEO information, users who don't have access to EEO information will not see that information. In fact, the following rules are observed: 

  • If they (the person with whom the report is shared) are an administrator or committee manager (both roles have access to Reports), they will be able to see the saved report but the data will be filtered based on their unit assignment and role.
  • If they are an evaluator, they will not be able to see the saved report OR the data within.

Consider the following the scenario:

  1. A user with Institutional Administrator rights creates an application report that contains common applicant information (First Name, Last Name, etc.) as well as more sensitive information (individual EEO responses), then saves the report and chooses to share.
  2. A unit Administrator from lower unit in the hierarchy (e.g. Department of Economics) logs in to Application Reports.
  3. They will see the saved report in the list of available saved reports. When clicked:
    • All data from other units outside their purview will be excluded.
    • All EEO responses will be excluded
    • Common information that they could normally access (Applicant Names, e.g.) would be listed only for searches that were in their purview (conducted at their unit or related sub-units in the hierarchy.)