Assign Users to Units & Add or Remove a User as an Administrator of a Unit

This article explains how to add an existing user to a unit, remove a user from a unit, and assign a user an Administrator role. When adding a new user to Interfolio Promoton & Tenure, Administrators can assign them to a unit for organizational purposes, such as grouping users in their department.

Once a user has been added to a unit they can be assigned an Administrator role, which allows them to edit cases in the unit to which they are assigned. Administrators can grant any user role to a given user at any unit in the organizational hierarchy that is under their administration.

Log in to Interfolio and navigate to your institutional account

You may need to open the account switcher in the right hand user menu and select to switch to your institutional account.

Select "Users and Groups" under the Review, Promotion & Tenure section of the left hand navigation menu

On your Promotion & Tenure dashboard, click "Manage," and select "Users and Groups" from the dropdown menu

Locate the user in the list and click the pencil icon to the right

Note that you can search for the user, sort the list of users by name or email.

Locate the user in the list and click the pencil icon

This opens the "Edit User" window as shown below:

You will see a tabbed interface where you can assign the user to units and committees.

Add User to one or more units:

Open the "Units" tab, select a unit from the dropdown list and click "Add"

Select a committee from dropdown list and click "Add"

Click "Change" under the "Role in Unit" column to set the user's role in the unit:

Click the star to appoint the new user as a manager of the committee

Select "Administrator" to make the user an administrator of their assigned unit

Select a unit for the new user from the dropdown list and click "Add"

Open the "Committees" tab to add the user to a standing committee

From the User & Group Management page, a user can only be assigned to standing committees, however, once added, they will appear as available for ad-hoc committees created within their respective unit.

Select a committee from the dropdown list and click "Add Committee"

Assign additional units

Click "change" to set the user's role in the assigned committee

The default role is "Evaluator."

Choose between "Evaluator" and "Manager"