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Add New Users to Review, Promotion & Tenure

Administrators can create accounts for new users and assign them permissions. This article explains how to add new users to Review, Promotion & Tenure (RPT) from the User & Group Management page, as well as how to handle bulk uploads of users.

Add an individual user to RPT

1. Select "Users and Groups" under the RPT section of the left hand navigation menu

2. Click the "Users" tab

3. Click the "Add User" button to the right of the page

4. Fill out the "Add User" form

  1. Enter the user's name and email address
  2. Select the User Type, Internal or External (this only applies if your institution has enabled the Unique ID feature).
  3. If the user type is set to Internal, you will need to enter a valid User ID
  4. Select which Unit you are adding the user to from the dropdown menu
  5. Indicate if the user will need to sign on using their institutional login credentials
  6. Set whether or not the user should receive an Indicate if the user should be sent a message or not

If you choose to send a message, click the Preview button to display how the message will appear in the inbox of the user.

Important: You can resend this invitation email at any time. For more information see the article Resend the Interfolio Invitation Email.

About User Types: Internal or External Users

If your institution has enabled the Unique User ID feature, the User Type field will appear.

There are two possible values:

  • Internal: Choose internal when adding faculty, staff or other personell who already work at or attend your institution. If Internal is the selected user type, you are required to provide the User ID.
  • External: Choose external when adding faculty, staff or other personell who are not part of your institution. Forexample, a job applicant before they are hired or an evaluator from another institution. If External is the selected type, you are NOT required to provide the User ID, and the field is disabled.

5. Choose whether or not to send user a welcome email

If the option to send a welcome message is not selected, the user will not be notified of the new account.

If you opt to send a welcome email:

5.1. Enter your welcome message and click "Preview" to see how the email will appear in the new user's inbox

If no text is entered, a generic welcome message will be sent to the new user with an access link.

The email preview will look like this:

Note that this email invites the user to join the program and includes a link to activate the account. If the user loses this email, you can always resend the invitation email.

Click "Save" to send the welcome message, or "Edit" to make changes

You can resend an invitation email again at any time from the "Edit User" window simply by sending the user a new email. See here for more information on how to resend the invitation email.


Add user to units and committees:

Once the user is created, the "Add User" window becomes the "Edit User" window, and you will see a tabbed interface where you can assign the user to units and committees.

1. To add a unit:

1.1. Click the "Units & Roles" tab, then select a unit from the dropdown list and click "Add Unit"

1.2. Set the user's role in the unit by clicking the addition symbol under the "Role in Unit" column, then select either Administrator, Case Manager, or Template Administrator

See this article for more information on Case Manager and Template Administrator User Roles in RPT.

2. To add a committee:

From the User & Group page, a user can only be assigned to standing committees, however, once added, they will appear as available for ad-hoc committees created within their respective unit.

2.1. Open the "Committees" tab to add the user to a standing committee. Select a committee from the dropdown list and click "Add Committee"

2.2. Click "change" to set the user's role in the assigned committee

The default role is "Evaluator"

2.3. Choose between "Evaluator" and "Manager"


Adding New Users in Bulk

To add multiple users at once to Review, Promotion & Tenure, please send a CSV file to with the following information for each user:

Column A: First name
Column B: Last name
Column C: Email address
Column D: Unit ID (if applicable - if there is no unit, leave column D blank)
Column E: EPPN


Bulk account creation does not allow for committee assignments. After the upload is complete, an administrator will need to go back in to assign the users to the appropriate committees.