Best Practices for Naming Packet Materials

Make sure you give the files in your packet a meaningful title because reviewers will see the titles you provide as bookmarks to the left of the page when reviewing your documents. By default, the name that will appear to reviewers is the name of the file as you upload it, but you can also edit the title of a file after adding it to your packet.

In addition to bookmarking the titles of the materials in your packet, our program will automatically bookmark the bolded headings, sections, and subsections within the documents you upload. Reviewers will see these bookmarks nested beneath the document title, allowing you to draw attention to points in longer documents. See the article below for a more detailed explanation.

Give the files you upload the title that you want to appear to reviewers

-Or- once a file is uploaded, you can edit the title

Click "Edit" in the section where the file has been uploaded

Click to edit

Edit the title and click to save

Use bookmarks to organize your packet and draw attention to a section within a document:

Remember, the title of the file as it appears in your packet will appear in bold.  Any bookmarks in the file are automatically shown in bold and will appear as subsections in the TOC of the packet.  

The program will automatically recognize bolded sections and headline formatting in documents created in word processors and similar document editing programs

Sections such as the ones illustrated above will appear to reviewers as bookmarks in the left hand pane of the document reader

Note that even subsections are bookmarked in the reader as shown below

You can preview how your packet will appear to reviewers:

The preview shows exactly how the packet you are submitting will appear to your committee. A sample preview is shown below.

Click "Preview Packet" at the top right of the page

You can click to select multiple sections and preview the selected sections in the document reader

You can also preview individual sections of the packet

-and- preview individual documents by clicking the document title

You can drag-n-drop required documents on the packet tab:

  • You can move one or more fulfillments from one requirement to another
  • You can reorder fulfillments within the same requirement
  • However, you can’t move or rearrange fulfillments in a locked requirement

Review your packet or packet sections before submission:

When you have satisfied all the requirements in your packet, or all the requirements in a section of the packet, it is a good idea to preview your packet to make sure all of your titles and bookmarks are displaying correctly.

To submit, select multiple sections and click "Submit Sections," or submit sections individually

When you preview from your packet, the packet (or selected sections) will display as it will appear to your viewers

After you submit a section, the section appears as collapsed by default on the packet requirements tab of the packet.

If the section is editable, and you add a document to a requirement within that section, the section then auto collapses again after the document is successfully added.

You can preview the completed section to see how it appears in the document reader to reviewers.