Re-use Materials From Previous Packets in Current or Upcoming Reviews

Review candidates can import and re-use materials from past Interfolio Review, Promotion & Tenure packets when assembling a packet for a current or upcoming review.

If you are up for an important review (like tenure, or promotion to full professor), you can easily add materials you've previously submitted for routine reviews such as annual reviews etc. This can save you hours of tedious redundant work, and also cut down on potential errors when assembling your packet.  

Administrators can also add materials from previous reviews:  

We have also added the ability for authorized institutional users to pre-populate a candidate's case with suggested materials pulled from that candidate's past cases.

At the same time, the platform gives you, the candidate, the option to accept, edit, or remove those suggested materials.

Log in to Interfolio and navigate to your institutional account

You may need to open the account switcher in the right hand user menu and select to switch to your institutional account.

Select "Your packets" from the left hand navigation

Open your packet

You will see a list of all packets with an indication of packet type, status, due date, or completion date.

Click "Edit" on the section where you want to add the file

Click "Add" next to the requirement for which you want to re-use previous packet materials

Click "Packets" on the "Choose Existing" tab

Select a packet from the list to view and add files from that review

If you have previously created a packet for a review, you will have the option to add materials from previous reviews to the new packet.

You will see a list of packets with packet type and date of completion displayed. Click the packet title to view and add files.

Select the files you want to add  

All the materials you uploaded for the review will appear listed, as shown below.

Check "All documents in this review in a single PDF" to add all files, or select the files you want to add to the new packet

If necessary, you can click "Select a different review" to reopen the list of packets for previous reviews