Reporting In Faculty Search

Interfolio Faculty Search includes many options for finding and documenting information about applicants and the results and details of searches and decisions at your institution. Reporting includes four main areas: system logs, application reports, EEO/custom form reports, and position reports. Every report can be displayed online or downloaded as a .CSV file.

System Logs

System logs allow you to track changes and updates in your institution's use of Interfolio, including:

  • Changes made to questions or descriptions included in application forms
  • All outbound messages sent to your applications in a specific position
  • Changes to assigned application and position statuses
  • Changes to information about the position, including the position description, start/end date, auto-acknowledgment email, and application instructions

Applications Report

Applications Reports are created by applying a customizable set of filters to sort applications along many possible data points. Users can pick and choose from an extensive list of applicant data fields to create a customized report, which can be viewed onscreen,  saved and recalled, and downloaded as a CSV file. This allows Administrators to run detailed and customized reports on the data involved in faculty hiring across an institution.

Forms Report

An EEO and custom forms report pulls data from a form that was included as a requirement with a position. With a forms report, whatever question that you have posed to an applicant during the hiring process can turn into reportable data. Information from this report can be presented in raw data format, showing individual responses, or in a response summary, showing totals and percentages.

Positions Report

The Positions Report tool allows administrators to generate a table of information about positions (searches) created by one or more units, such as a school or department, based on one or more criteria such as the results of a search (hires made, or notes indicating why a hire was not made etc.) position details, dates, description, application requirements, evaluation (criteria and labels), search committee members, and internal notes (such as Funding Sources, Salary Range etc.).